Lego Ornament Book Review

Lego Christmas Ornaments Book

Title: The Lego Christmas Ornaments Book

Author: Chris McVeigh

Publisher: No Starch Press

Genre: Non Fiction / Craft

Release Date: September 4, 2016

Pages: 220

Buy Links: Amazon / Barnes & Noble


This Christmas, LEGO is moving from under the tree to on the tree! With The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book as your guide, you’ll make classic globe and barrel ornaments, all out of LEGO, as well as original gingerbread houses, a merry Santa, arcade cabinets, and many more.

Packed with step-by-step instructions for 15 charming builds, The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book is the perfect family activity this holiday season.

My Thoughts:

Children love to create things and show off their creations. I remember when my daughter was younger she loved to make her own Christmas ornaments out of paper. Of course they didn’t last long.

Lego’s are a childhood classic toy, everyone remembers playing with Lego’s as a child. ┬áThis book shows you how to make different Christmas ornaments out of your Lego’s. This is not only fun and unique, it’s a great family activity.

Lego ornaments are a good idea for a tree in a child’s bedroom or playroom. This way they can move the ornaments around and you don’t have to worry about them breaking the precious family heirloom ones by accident.

Lego Christmas Ornament book makes a great gift for any Lego fan, especially when you are unsure of which sets they already have.


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  1. My nephew would get a kick out of this book. Loves his legos

  2. I love Lego, but I don’t really want them on my tree. Just sayin.

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