Lift the Flap Books by Copenhagen

Lift the Flap Books by Copenhagen are adorable children’s books for ages 2 to 7. This is a nice book set containing Noah’s Big Boat, When Jesus was Born, and The Shepherd and the Sheep.


Summary of the Lift the Flap Books by Copenhagen –

Flaps unfold with every turn of the page, showing hidden pictures that bring a special surprise to readers. Children will be delighted as they discover the rest of the story behind each fold, and parents will enjoy the opportunity to share these favorite Bible stories with their little ones.

Contains all three books in the Lift–the–Flap series: The Shepherd and the Sheep, Noah’s Big Boat, and When Jesus Was Born. The large flaps on each page unfold the story and show the hidden image, making it easier to remember the story.

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These three stories are very short and simple. I believe they may be great learning tools to young children. They tell some big stories in a small way. These books have sparkle to their covers enticing kids to open them up. The flaps hide some of the full picture beneath them and change the scenery with a flip. I think these are rather adorable books.

When Jesus is Born is a bit wordy, so that may not gain interest until a child is four or five. However, it’s still nicely illustrated. I believe the pictures help tell the stories better for the children to understand. Religion can be tough to instill in children and hard to comprehend. Children’s books can be very helpful with that. Overall, this is a wonderful little set for kids. It would make a very great addition to Easter Baskets everywhere this year.

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