Apr 25

Lil Davinci Art Cabinet Review & Giveaway

The Lil Davinci Art Cabinet from Dynamic Frames makes it easy and stylish to store your child’s art drawings. This is perfect for Mother’s Day.

Art Cabinet

The 8.5×11 Lil Davinci Art Cabinet is not the only product Dynamic Frames sells. They have a few options to store your child’s art and proudly display them.

The Art Cabinet allows you to store up to 50 drawings that are drawn on standard 8 1/2 x 11. It opens from the front and is easy to add pages to the frame. The hardware you need to hang it to the wall is included. The frame hangs vertically or horizontally and there is a table stand that is included if you choose not to attach it to the wall.

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The Lil Davinci Art Cabinet  is great for more than children’s art.

This art cabinet is great fore more than just your child’s art. I’ve done many reviews for adult coloring books or coloring supplies on my blog. Personally I remove the coloring pages I’m coloring from the coloring book. I would then struggle with where to store the pages afterwards. I now keep them in this art cabinet.

This art cabinet is also perfect for Mother’s Day. Mom can now proudly display her favorite drawings (let’s face it all of them are her favorite) and it also protects them. There is only so much room on the refrigerator.

I love that you can easily change which picture is displayed. You can make your own drawings or coloring pages wall art now. This helps foster positive self-esteem in children as well.

At only $29.95 this is very affordable. I can see having this displayed in a child’s room too and letting them create their own art hanging on the wall of their rooms. What a great way to make their room unique and totally their own.

There are three different frame finishes to choose from: black, white, and cherry. For the purpose of my review, I received one with the black finish.

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Dynamic Frames is giving away one of these Lil Davinici Art Cabinets to one lucky winner. Giveaway runs from 12:00am EST Monday 4/25 to 12:00am EST Monday 5/9

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  1. Laurie Nykaza

    Lil Davinci® 2pack – 18×24 Cherry such nice frames love to put the kids art work in them.

  2. charlene

    I like the Pinster Pix

  3. Wehaf

    I also like the M7 and M8 gallery frames.

  4. meghan b

    I love the large gallery frames

  5. Char

    I love the M7 galleries, thank you so much for this!

  6. Emily Benzing

    I love the lil davinci pinster! I would love to have something to display pins and this is perfect

  7. Heather D

    I like the Lil Davinci Art Gallery 3 PC Set. I have lots of kid art that I would love to properly frame and it would tickle my kids.

  8. tiffany dayton

    Pinster Pix because it holds a lot of pictures.

  9. Grant D

    I like the Dynamic Print-N-Frame, makes it easy to frame something right off the printer.

  10. ken ohl

    love the Lil Davinci Art Gallery 3 piece set this would be great

  11. Julia Barnes

    I like the Dynamic Print-N-Frame because you can just hang something when it gets out of the printer.

  12. Deb E

    I like their Pinster Pix, especially the Corkboard Shadowbox option. What a unique gift that would be.

  13. leisl gering

    I like the dynamic square gallery set

  14. Jill Rivera

    I like the kids art frames 3-Pack LD-9×12.

  15. Brittney House

    I like the large gallery frame the most.

  16. Sarah Oswald

    I like the Pinster Pix: Use as 7-Photo Display & Store, OR as Corkboard Shadowbox which stores up to 168 4×6 photos inside.

  17. polly

    I like the Kids Art Gallery 3 Piece Set of frames

  18. Shannon

    I like the Lil Davinci Art Gallery 3 PC Set.

  19. al

    None, what we really want is something to store 3×5 photos.

  20. Sue E

    I liked the Dynamic Duo 8×10/5×7 4-Pc Set. We have a big family with 15 grandkids so we need more places to keep our precious family photos!

  21. Laura

    I also like the 3-Pack LD-9×12 set as well. 🙂

  22. Kristen

    I like the Dynamic Duo 8×10/5×7 4-Pc Set.

  23. Francine Anchondo

    I like Magnetic Board

  24. Crystal Rose

    I also like the Magnetic Board.

  25. Tina W

    I like the Scrap N Frame

  26. Robin Abrams

    I like the Lil Davinci® Pinster

  27. Marnie G

    I also really like the 4-Pack Dynamic Duo 8×10/5×7. These are awesome!

  28. Erica B.

    The Pinster would be great too.

  29. susan smoaks

    i would like to get the 3-Pack LD-9×12

  30. Daniel M

    I like the dynamic square gallery set

  31. Stephanie Larison

    I really like the Lil Davinci® Art Gallery 3 PC Set

  32. raychg

    Divinci art gallery

  33. scotti

    Lil Davinci® Art Gallery 3 PC Set!

  34. Paula Hafner

    I like the M4 Gallery Frame. It would look good in my livingroom.

  35. Carissa Joslyn

    I also really like the Magnetic Board! this seems really cool.

  36. Brandon Sparks

    4-Pack Dynamic Duo 8×10/5×7

  37. Barbara Riffe

    The M8 Gallery frames would be awesome to put baby pictures in.

  38. Michelle H.

    I like the 4-Pack Dynamic Duo 8×10/5×7.

  39. Jaime Cummings

    I like the Magnetic Board. Very handy for leaving notes!

  40. Aaron

    I also like the Magnetic Board!

  41. Rajee Pandi

    love the Lil Davinci Art Gallery 3 PC Set.

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