Review: Linkyo Chalk Markers

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Linkyo makes high quality chalk markers.

Linkyo Chalk Markers

The Linkyo company sell many items on Amazon. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their chalk markers.

My Thoughts On Linkyo Chalk Markers:

Chalk markers are a great alternative to traditional chalk. I use these on my dry ease boards. I love the bright colors, they will help me stay organized. Included are 2 extra white tips that can be used in any color chalk marker in case one of your tips get messed up.

It does take a few minutes to get the chalk to the tip the first time you use them. You need to push the tip in, and then shake the marker. You will see the color start to show up on the white tip.

Best for non-porous surfaces such as whiteboard, glass, car windows, mirrors, chalkboard contact paper, chalkboard labels, chalkboard stickers, glossy plastic, glossy porcelain, Vinyl, stainless steel, and black and white dry erase boards. Permanent paint marker quality effect on porous surfaces such as paper, cardstock, fabric, posters, porous chalkboards, etc.

I am a paper crafter. I learned something new about these chalk markers that I didn’t know before. The chalk ink can be used with stamps to create a vintage effect on cards. I haven’t tried this trick out yet but I’ll be sure to try it out very soon.
These would be great for offices (business or home), and for homeschooling. We all know how dusty and messy traditional chalk can be. Traditional chalk dust makes me sneeze a lot. Chalk markers are liquid chalk in a marker form. 

Connect with Linkyo:

To learn more about this product or to purchase your own check them out on Amazon.  Be sure to also check out the other items they sell.

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