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Every week there is a book themed meme. This is what the topic is for this week:

What book would be the BEST book club choice?  Why?

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I have read so many good books it was hard to pick just one book for this meme. So, I picked 2.

The first book I picked The Posse by Tawdra Kandle 

The Posse

I feel this book would be a great book club book for all the types of discussions that can start from it. You could discuss how you feel about the Posse making a deal to try and woo Jude. Do you think it’s sweet or does it cross the line? Do you like who Jude ends up with?
There is a lot to discuss with your friends on this one.

The other book I picked is Have No Shame by Melissa Foster.

Have No Shame


This book is a great topic to discuss with a group. However it could start a debate about civil rights. As much as we would like to think otherwise, there is still racism in America.
If the person can articulate with maturity their point of view, I like to hear why others feel the way they do about any topic.
I think it would make for a great discussion of why it should or should not be interacial dating.

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  1. Both of these sound like great choices!

  2. Great minds think alike! And the 2nd one is one I’ve seen and want to read.

  3. Hi Gina! Wow! I am honored that you have chosen Have No Shame as one of your book club picks. Several book clubs have contacted me over the past few months and you are right — it sparked many debates, and it’s been wonderful to discuss Alison and Jackson’s story with them.

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