Apr 02

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme for the Week of April 2



The theme of this week is –

If you were able to get 5 author autographs who would they be and why

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Sometimes the questions are hard for me to read. This week’s question was easy to answer! Here are my 5 favorite authors. They are in no particular order btw.

Tawdra Kandle



Why: Not only is Tawdra an amazing person in general, she’s a great author. I’ve read many of her books and love them all! I’m honored to consider her a friend.

Author Link

Goodreads Author Page

Amazon Author Link

Mandie Stevens

MandieWhy: Mandie is an over all great person. She is the kind of person everyone says they want to be. She also runs my most favorite book tour group. I am honored for her to be a friend as well.

Author Link

Goodreads Author Link

Amazon Author Link

Melissa Foster


Why: When I started to become a book reviewer, Melissa was one of the very first authors I worked with. She is an amazing author and a great friend.

Author Link

Goodreads Author Link

Amazon Author Link

Jessica Gibson



Why: I’ve read a few of Jessica’s books. She is not only a talented author but again a great friend. She makes me laugh constantly!

Author Link

Goodreads Author Link

Amazon Author Link

Judy Serrano



Why: Judy is another one of the first authors I’ve ever worked with. I love her books. I’ve read all but one of them. I love that she is so thankful to her fans and the bloggers that review her boosks.

Author Link

Goodreads Author Link

Amazon Author Link

Which authors would you like an autograph from?

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  1. Maria D.

    These are good choices – I’ve only read Melissa Foster’s books but I’ve enjoyed them…will have to check out these other authors

  2. Melissa Foster

    Hi Gina!

    I’m honored that you mentioned me. Thank you!


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