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literaryaddictsmeme1Every Wednesday   has a weekly book related meme.

The theme of this week is –

What book would you like to change the ending?  How would you change it?

Join our group HERE to find out next week’s theme!For me this was an easy question this week. For me it’s Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris.  If you have not read this book, please stop reading now. There will be a spoiler in my reasoning.



Dead Ever AfterI would of loved to change how the Sookie Stackhouse series ended.  Throughout the series we see Sookie with basically 3 men that love her for the way she is. Eric, Bill, and Sam.

In the last book we hardly hear about the Vampires in general. Sam finally says what we’ve all known all along.. he has feelings for Sookie.

Sookie really doesn’t make a decision one way or the other of who she ends up with romantically. You would think since this was book 13 there would be more closure to end the series.

I really wish we would of gotten an answer to who Sookie ended up with. Did Eric finally find happiness? Did Jason finally settle down for good and get married?

Did you finish this series? Leave a comment on what you would of changed with the series.


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  1. I haven’t read this series yet, but I know the frustration of a book ending with too may unresolved issues. Very frustrating!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous read! Thank you so much for sharing! xo xo

  3. i like the title…. 😀

  4. Love it. Looking so attractive and nice.

  5. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’d have to agree with you.
    I still haven’t seen the endings on the tv show either.

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