Literary Addicts Meme 2/26



The theme of this week is –

Do you stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks?

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I do a lot of my reading at night before bed. I love to unwind from the day in the dark with my tablet. I can get lost in the story and it’s like I’m on a vacation. I can feel the stress of the day vanish. Since I am in a lot of pain right now from my ankle surgery, reading also helps with the pain. It’s a natural pain relief. If you are distracted and don’t think about the pain, sometimes the pain is less. What a great pain relief right?

Since I read before bed every night, the amount I read varies.  I try to read until the next chapter. For the most part I do this. There are times however where I’m just so tired and I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. So I guess my answer to “Do you stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks?” is that it all depends on how tired I am that day. 


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  1. I love reading before bed and have fell asleep many times with my book or tablet still in my hand, lol!

  2. It’s great that reading helps distract you from the pain. I wish you a speedy recovery!

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