The Little Boy Who Lost His Name – Personalized Book


Title:  The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

Author: Davide Cadji-Newby

Illustrator: Pedro Serapicos

Genre: Children’s Fiction



Format:  Paper Back

Release date: The company started making  books in 2012, but my son’s personalized copy was made September 15, 2015.

Pages:  30 (Number of pages depends on the length of the child’s name.)



The Little Boy Who Lost His Name is a personalized book that takes the reader on an adventure to find his missing name.  He wakes up one day to find that he can’t remember his name and he sets out on a journey to find it.  Follow along as he travels to new places and meets new friends who help him to find the letters in his name.

My Thoughts:

My husband and I really enjoyed reading The Little Boy who Lost His Name and we enjoyed showing the pictures to our 10 month old son. The book is too long for him to sit through now, but I know he will love reading it when he is bigger.  He loved all the colors and different animals in the story.  I thought it was neat that there is a dedication that my husband I personalized in the front of the book and that, at the very end, the book is dedicated to my son, the little boy.

The story is great.  The little boy goes on an adventure to find his name.  I liked that fact that the little boy helps each of the animals to solve a problem of their own before they give him a letter in his name.  The letter that they give him is the first letter of their name.  For example, the Lion gave him an L.  The story also rhymes, which sounds cool as you are reading. At the end of the story, when the little boy is going to bed, he realizes that he found his name and your child gets a big surprise when he realizes that it is his name.  The whole time the story is about your son!

Lost My Name is a great company to work with! They answered all my questions fully and in a timely manner.  The book was easy to create.  I could also chose from 8 different languages.  I was able to preview the book before I bought it, which was great because I had to decide between English and Italian!  The book was delivered three days before the promised date.  When I opened the package, I found a little instruction book to go with the book.  It is called “A simple guide to bedtime MAGIC” and it makes the whole experience much more fun. The book is made from strong, durable paper that cannot be easily torn.

I enjoyed reading this book immensely!  I can’t wait to read it to my son when he is old enough to understand the surprise ending!

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions in this review are 100% my own.

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  1. Molly Moore says:

    I’ve never heard of this book or company before. I love that you can personalize it! Thanks for the recommendation, it would be a perfect Christmas gift for my son! xoxo

  2. I think my kids would love to see and read this book! I love that you can preview the book before you buy!

  3. I think this looks like a very nice book to read with my children. We are always in search of new reads

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