The long shoe horn from Vive Health is a must have product for mobility problems.

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The long shoe horn from Vive Health is a handy tool for anyone suffering from limited mobility. Measuring 24” in length, it is designed to allow you to easily slip into shoes without bending over, relieving aching backs, hips, and knees.

long shoe horn

They protect their products for a minimum of 60 days (many are covered for life) and keep their attentive customer service team standing by.  The medical industry is not known for style, but they are turning that around by combining essential functions and modern branding.  Their products are designed in-house, giving you direct access to your health and medical supplies. Their warehouses are located throughout the United States to ensure a timely delivery on every order. They are based in sunny Naples, Florida.

The long shoe horn from Vive Health is a must have item for anyone with mobility problems.

I have numerous medical problems that I usually do not discuss on my blog. I have both a bad back (scoliosis) and a fused ankle. On their own, these can cause pain and make bending over difficult. When combined bending over can be next to impossible.

What causes me the most problem is my ankle. Since my ankle is fused, it does not bend. When you don’t have ankle problems, you take for granted the simple movement of your ankle bending. This can make putting on shoes difficult, especially in the winter time when I wear my boots and tennis shoes.

This long shoe horn comes in handy to put on my shoes now. I don’t have to try and force my foot to bend when I know it won’t or do weird things like putting my shoe on with my foot in the air. 

Here are the details of this must have item!

  • Extended Reach: At 24″ in length, this shoe horn allows you to put on shoes without bending over.
  • Easy Grip Handle: Handle is hollow and rounded, making it easy to get grip strength necessary to put on shoes.
  • Ultra Strong Plastic: Durable plastic material is strong, sturdy, and guaranteed not to break during use.
  • Gently Curved: Prevents damage to shoes and provides comfort to the user.

Who in your life would benefit from this long shoe horn?

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