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Looney Labs offers unique games. I was able to review the perfect game for my husband, Chrononauts.

About Looney Labs:

The beginning of Looney Labs was the day in 1986 when Andy met his new NASA co-worker Kristin, and in the summer of 1987, when he wrote a short story featuring a fictional game played with imaginary pyramid-shaped game pieces. He made a prototype gameset using lead fishing weights, but struggled in his first attempts at game design. Fortunately, his friend John Cooper was inspired by Andy’s vision, and in 1988 he unveiled working rules for Andy’s pretend game. Icehouse was so fascinating that Kristin, one of the first to try playing it, immediately wanted to start a company to publish it.

Icehouse Games, Inc sold an initial print run of 100 hand-made game sets in late 1989. The spare-time company never had any paid employees, and only published a few hundred game sets of various formats in their 8 year history; even so, the experience was crucial towards giving Kristin & Andy the training they needed to start Looney Labs. Another effort during this time that helped hone their production skills was the tradition of producing short-runs of cool creations for the holidays under the imprint of Geronimo! Industries. This tradition lives on in Looney Labs’ efforts to provide some small gift back to our fans as a “Holiday Gift”.

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Product Description: 

Chrononauts is a fast, exciting, multi-layered time travel card game for 1-6 players. The huge deck of 135 cards features a unique 32 card timeline deck that’s used to track Ripples and Paradoxes. Players become Time Travelers, seeking to return to their original alternate realities by changing history (done by preventing assassinations, averting disasters, and so forth).

Or you might choose to go for victory by collecting up the right combination of amazing artifacts. If things just aren’t going your way on the timeline or with the artifacts, you can always win by doing your duty as a Time Repair Agent, fixing paradoxes.

Number of Players: 1-6 players
Ages: 11+
Game Length: 20-45 min

Price: $20

My Review:

My husband is a major history buff. As I type this he’s watching one of the history channels on tv. When I saw this game I thought it was just the thing for him. I was right, he loves it.

He often talks about what mistakes were made in history and what he would do differently.  This game allows him to change history for a few minutes and get lost in the past. 

This is a great game to keep on hand for adult game night. Adults like to get together and play games/cards. What would be better for your next get together than to play Chrononauts! 

I love that the game comes in a hard cardboard package for easy storage. It’s also easy to throw in a bag and take with you on a trip.

This is a must have for any history buff in your life!

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  1. Heather in VA says:

    My older daughter would love this. Thanks for the review on a unique holiday gift.

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