Lost My Name Book Review

Lost My Name is a fun unique book for your child that is based on their name. It doesn’t matter what their name is, a book will be created for them.

lost my name

Lost My Name is a personalized story book. Each child’s adventure is totally unique and based on their name, for example, a child called Charlie would meet a Chameleon, Hippo, Aardvark, Robot, Lobster, Imp and an Elephant.

Our Softcover Classic is perfect for any story time as well as a gift. If you’re looking for something that extra bit special, then try our delightful Deluxe Edition, with a wonderful presentation case.

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Lost My Name helps customize products for a child with a unique name.

All of my nieces and nephew have unique names and/or unique spellings for their names. It’s not easy to just simply walk in a store and find an item with their name on it.

Lost My Name solves this by allowing the user to enter a name on the website, pick if it’s for a boy or girl and a beautiful book arrives for their child.

My niece just turned 5 and loves her books! Some children’s books are too long for a small child to sit through. This simply depends on the child and their age. Since my niece is 5 she was able to sit still for this book in one sitting. This is good thing because that child is always on the go!

Along with the Lost Your Name book you can buy other products: The Journey Home book, Lost My Name alphabet poster, and Lost My Name silly snap! game. This makes a great gift for any child this holiday season.

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