Loved and Blessed Box

Loved and Blessed is a religious subscription box. It’s a great box of encouragement. The Loved and Blessed box is perfect for those needing a little pick me up and who include God in their everyday life.

Loved and Blessed Box

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I am not a very religious person. In fact, I have some very different opinions on it than most.  I am very open to all religions and I do not really fall under any. My family however, is mostly Roman Catholic and Lutheran, with some others here and there. I felt the Loved and Blessed monthly subscription box wasn’t too preachy and enough to encourage positivity in one’s life, so I decided to review it. This month’s box was beauty theme. I love the note that was left inside the box, so I had to picture it above. “Don’t let the fake and unattainable standards of beauty that the world promotes fool you into thinking you are not beautifully and wonderfully made,” is my favorite sentence in the whole message. We are all perfectly imperfect, and we need to remember that.

What does the Loved and Blessed Subscription Box Contain?

This box had a list of contents with it. The monthly subscription box had everything seen below. A mini poster stating “Beauty does NOT require Perfection.” A removable sticker for mirrors, laptops, window and more. It states “You ARE all together BEAUTIFUL my darling, there is no flaw in you!” A scripture card for on the go. I actually like what it says, and will probably put this on someone’s car for a little pick me up to a stranger. Random acts like this can make a huge difference in the world.

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A silicone bracelet, reminding you you are Loved and Blessed. There’s a compact mirror that says “you are beautiful” and it is pink. I will be giving it to my niece for her birthday. (She’s got self-esteem issues and I want to build her up.) The prayer journal they included was a nice addition. It allows you to write the date, your prayer and go back to circle whether it was answered, or still waiting on. I suppose this is good to help you at the end of the year go back and count your blessings.

Loved and Blessed Box
I try to remember the song “Unanswered Prayers” by Garth Brooks when praying. God knows what he’s doing. You may not always get what you wanted, but you will always get what you needed. It takes time making sense of events that happen in life, both good and bad. Often we wonder why me? Well, the answer is: because you are you. You’re able to handle whatever you’re given. Trust me. I’ve learned a lot about this, and I’m not even thirty yet.

The Loved and Blessed box offers great insight into life and a little bit into God. I welcome their encouragement with open arms. I think this subscription box would be great for all, even those not so religious. The company also gives a portion of their proceeds to help people experiencing homelessness. This reminds me of a saying “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” Little companies that love and give strongly, are often those most worthy of our posts. I love companies like Loved and Blessed, and will try to support them to the end. They are a feel-good, do-good subscription service. I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for something a little bit encouraging.

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