Oct 24

Lugz Empire Hi Wr Review

Lugz are just the thing you need this fall/winter. They have many styles to choose from. I love the Empire Hi Wr in black.


Lugz first made a name for itself in October of 1993, bringing its first line of boots to market, with the initial product consisting of two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans.

Soon Lugz was endorsed by key players from the world of hip hop and has continued to do so through out the years. One such collaboration led Lugz to breathe life to a whole new category of footwear with the introduction of the first ever celebrity-endorsed “Funk Master Flex” urban driving shoe. This was only the beginning as support then lead to a collaborative line with hip-hop superstar Bryan “Baby” Williams, aka “Birdman” with his own series of sneakers and boots.

In 2006 Orange County Choppers, the world’s premier builders of custom motorcycles signed on to endorse Lugz shoes, which they were already wearing so it was a natural fit. With its aggressive “built for the streets” reputation Lugz collaborated with Paul Teutul, Jr. to create a signature Lugz shoe “the Torx” which interpreted this incredibly well.

[tweetthis]@LugzLifestyle sells many styles of boots. I love the Empire Hi Wr[/tweetthis]

I needed new boots badly and I love my Lugz!

Boots are a must have in Pittsburgh. We get snow and ice a lot in the winter like many parts of the East coast. My other boots are for more for fashion than they are for the weather.  My husband has been after me to get real boots for this winter as I have ankle problems and was slipping all over the place last winter.

My Lugz are both fashionable and great for all sorts of weather. I can wear them all year round as well. These boots are water resistant and slip resistant, 6 inch plain toe boot that features our patented Flexastride memory foam technology.

I wore these boots while walking all over the city the first day I wore them. I did not experience any discomfort. I didn’t even get rubbing/blisters like I normally do with new shoes. I have heel spurs and my feet usually start to hurt either while out, or when I get home. I didn’t experience that at all with these boots and they support my fused ankle beautifully. I highly recommend Lugz to everyone!

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Enter now for your chance to win a pair of Empire Hi Wr boots. Giveaway open to US residents only. Giveaway runs from midnight Monday October 24, 2016 until midnight Monday November 7, 2016.

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  1. Barbara Riffe

    I like the brown , in size 12 please.
    Barbara Riffe recently posted…Lugz Empire Hi Wr ReviewMy Profile

  2. Megan Cromes

    i like red size 14 wide width ty 🙂

  3. Fiona N

    I love the Navy/ Cream/ Gum, size 6.5 😉
    Thank You

  4. Renee Walters

    I really like the black in size 7 1/2.

  5. Adrienne Gordon

    red, size 10

  6. Mary Beth Elderton

    Black is my favorite. I’d need a size 9.5

  7. patricia skinner

    I like the Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum in Womens size 9.

  8. Ann Fantom

    I would like the Black boots in size 13 for my husband

  9. Susan Smith

    I like the black in size 9.

  10. Crystal Rose

    I would get the Rust/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum one in size 8.5

  11. Kenneth Helmick

    Black, size 13

  12. Sue E

    I would like the COLOR: Rust/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum in size 9.5

  13. Laurie Nykaza

    Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum in a 10.5

  14. Amanda morris

    Black 6.5

  15. Wendy R.

    My favorite is Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum and I need a 7.5.

  16. Valencia

    Charcoal/Grey, 8.5

  17. Darcy Koch

    I like the black Mahala in size 7

  18. Justin Sparks

    Golden Wheat Size 10!!! Love lugz great shoes and boots!!!

  19. Kim Niland

    Womens size 6.5 in black

  20. Kim O

    i like the black and size 7

  21. Cynthia C

    I like the Charcoal Grey color, size 8.

  22. Kimberly Harrison

    Women size 8 Color in Black

  23. Kimberly Burnett

    Id like to win the white in a size 10 🙂 thanks for the chance!!

  24. Tiffany S

    I would like the boot in black size 8.

  25. Mary Cloud

    I’d choose the Black Men’s Size 10

  26. Char

    The black in size 8 please, thank you so much!

  27. LoriP

    Black size 8 🙂

  28. gala

    I like Empire Hi WR in Black, size 10

  29. Kristen

    I’d choose the Dark Brown/ Black/ Cream.

    1. Kristen

      oh…..men’s 10.5

  30. Kristin McCall

    I would choose size 8 in black.

  31. Debbie F

    Ooh I’d choose the chocolate/bark/cream/gum color in size 7.5.
    I love Lugz! their boots last forever! And their so cute!

  32. Jamie Williams

    I would choose the COLOR: Charcoal/ Grey in a size 8.5 if I won.

  33. Alison King

    I like the black ones in a size 9.

  34. Alice C

    I would like them in Navy/Cream/Gum in a 9 please 🙂

  35. heather s

    Chocolate bark size 9

  36. Michele Cupp

    I love the Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum and wear a size 9.

  37. carrie davis

    Black size 16 please.

  38. Elizabeth

    I would pick the black/charcoal in Size 9!

  39. Christina Sparks

    I would like the Black in a size 9 for women.

  40. Sylvana B

    I would like the Empire Hi WR Charcoal/Grey/Black in a size 7 please!

  41. Crystal M

    I’d like the charcoal/gray in size 9.

  42. carol clark

    Charcoal/ Grey/ Black 9.5 d

  43. Lisa Ann Smith

    black size men 12 for hubby. he can only wear black for work and is always looking for a comfortable boot

  44. Darlene Carbajal

    I like the black ones in size 10.5.

  45. Julie Murphy

    I like the Dark Brown/ Black/ Cream in 9

  46. Henny Jane

    I like the Empire High in Wheat, women’s size 7 🙂

  47. Naomie

    I would love the Dark Brown/ Black/ Cream ones in a size 9.5!

  48. Trish F

    I’d love the Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum ones in 9.5. Thanks!

  49. Birdie Skolfield


    COLOR: Charcoal/ Grey size 9

  50. Jill K

    These would kick ass when having to deal with the snow!

  51. Carol

    I would like to win these as boots are essential for where we live and these would be well used thanks

  52. Susan Chester

    I would love these boots in Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum size 7 1/2. Cute!

  53. Bridget Combs

    I’d like the navy in a size 11

  54. Lula Ruger

    I like the black size 10

  55. Kristi C

    I would like the navy/cream/gum is size 11.

  56. Brittney House

    I would love the black in size 8.5

  57. Grant D

    I like the black in size 12, thanks!

  58. anna

    I like the black size 7.5

  59. tiffany dayton

    I like the wheat or black in 7.

  60. Heather D

    I’d get chocolate in 8.5.

  61. Bobbie Smith

    I would like to win a pair of Black Empire Lugz for my husband in size 9

  62. kathy

    9.5 and Golden wheat

  63. Ellen Neumann

    I love the charcoal grey boots best !!! There’s not a pair that I don’t like sz 7.5

  64. Danielle Oyen

    I would pick the EMPIRE HI WR COLOR: Charcoal/ Grey size 8 M

  65. Audrey Stewart

    I love the EMPIRE HI WR in Golden Wheat. They look so sturdy for work. An 11 for mens for my husband. His boots are now taped together with duct tape.

  66. Erica B.

    Black size 7.

  67. Susan Christy

    I like the TALLULAH WR – Black, Size 9.

  68. Daniel M

    Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum size 9.5

  69. Sonya Allstun

    8 1/2 Dark Brown/ Black/ Cream

  70. Robin

    I would like to get black ones in size 9.

  71. susan smoaks

    I would like the black boots in size 10 for myself. these would be great for the winter.

  72. Lee Mckeon

    I would love the black size 10 LOVE THEM!

  73. Kim Keithline

    I would love to have the Charcoal/ Grey in sz 9

  74. Rachel Freer

    I would like Black/ Charcoal in size 9.

  75. Christy Leonard

    Black size 9.5 please

  76. Jessica Whitehouse

    I’d choose the charcoal grey or navy cream color. I prefer boots that fit a little loose, so I would choose size 12 or 13 because I have big feet and wear an 11 normally.

  77. Lisa V.

    I like the DRIFTER PEACOAT COLOR: Charcoal/ Gray in size 7.

  78. Lesley F

    I like the black in size 8 1/2

  79. Richard Hicks

    I would select black in size 9.

  80. Samantha Daleo

    I would get Chocolate size 13W in Mens. If they are women, then I would get black size 9.5.

  81. christopher h

    Rust/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum, men’s 13

    thanks for the chance

  82. Elizabeth H.

    I would pick Golden Wheat, size 8

  83. Jenny Scheldberg

    I’d love the Zen Lo Black in size 8.

  84. Paula Hafner

    I would love the Black/Charcoal in women’s 7.5 if I won. I love wearing boots.

  85. wendi

    Empire HI in Navy!! I love them and a size 8 please

  86. Julie M

    Love the black in women’s size 9

  87. Aaron

    I’d like to win 13.0 black!

  88. Shirley Hicks

    I like the Empire Hi Fur 10.5

  89. Laurie Emerson

    I would like to win the Black in size 7.

  90. nickie

    Black, size 9.5

  91. Sarah L

    I’d like the Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum in size 8

  92. allyson becker

    I love the charcoal grey color in a ladies size 9.

  93. Rajee Pandi

    red size 6

  94. Carolyn Daley

    I would love to win the black in size 8.

  95. jules m.

    i love the black, size 10

  96. Jennifer H.

    I like the EMPIRE HI WR
    COLOR: Chocolate/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum

  97. John H.

    I like the Empire Hi WR COLOR: Dark Brown/ Black/ Cream. I wear 10.5.

  98. Jennifer H.

    My shoe size is 10.5/11.

  99. vicki lorenz

    I would love this in size 8 1/2 WOMEN’S EMPIRE HI FUR in Black/ Cream/ Gum

  100. Tracy Shafer

    I would like brown, in 6.5 please.

  101. Anne C

    The Rust/ Bark/ Cream/ Gum looks good. I would love that in size 7.

  102. Janice Crespo

    I would choose the Charcoal/ Grey/ Black in a size 9.
    Janice Crespo recently posted…Giveaways Ending November 7, 2016My Profile

  103. Yvonne Delgado

    I would choose black ones or grey ones in a size 7

  104. Krystal Dunlap

    I would chose black in size 10 for my husband.

  105. Maria Bouchard

    I like Tactic WR
    Charcoal/ Alloy/ DK Charcoal in size 12.

  106. Colette Sears

    Black – Silver and size 9

  107. April Swaim

    Lugz are my favorite brand! The comfort of them is amazing! I really hope I win!

  108. Trisha McKee

    I would love it in black in size 9. I live near Altoona, PA and know just what you mean about needing boots in the wintertime. It is a definite must!

  109. Kyl Neusch

    Black in size 9

  110. MARIA simon

    Empire Hi WR size 13 Mens

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