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Today I’m hosting a guest post from author Elisabeth Wolf.  Her newest book is Lulu in Honolulu. 

Book Summary:

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Lulu in Honolulu
A Screenplay by Lulu Harrison

SCENE 1: ZOOM IN on Hollywood mega stars LINC and FIONA HARRISON lounging on the beach with their daughters LULU and ALEXIS—


If only real life were like the movies. Instead, the Harrison family’s fabulous Hawaiian vacation has fallen apart, thanks to Lulu’s parents’ massive blockbuster film shoot. Their tightly-scheduled family time has been taken over by extra time on the set—and they’re totally missing out on the real Hawaii. Lulu decides to teach her family the meaning of ohana, but her genius plans are seriously backfiring. (She didn’t mean to unleash a rampaging pug onto her parents’ movie set. Oops!) Can Lulu get her family back together, or will her exploits push them further apart?

About the author:


Elisabeth Wolf is a bit Lulu. She lives in Los Angeles where she grows fruits, vegetables, and native flowers. She also was a Fellow with the national Coro Foundation. She’s worked in public policy and media both in California and Washington, D.C. She has two children, Philip (15) and Emmeline (13). Her inspiration for writing Lulu was based on their growing up in Los Angeles and seeing how fast childhood can zoom by. She bakes her children’s birthday cakes and eats spicy Mexican food. Each year for her birthday she asks her children to give her the same present. “Turn off the lights to help save the earth.” But make NO mistake: she loves a good shopping trip and pedicure. Lulu in La La Land is her first book. The second book in the series, Lulu in Honolulu will come out in Spring 2014. To slow life down, Elisabeth and her children spend time living in Cambria, California and Kennebunk, Maine. Before writing the Lulu Series, Elisabeth worked in media and government. She’s a graduate of Smith College in Northampton, MA and Stanford’s School of Education. She also was a Fellow with the national Coro Foundation.

Guest Post: 

It’s hard to feel like a fish out of water when you’re on a tropical island that’s supposed to be paradise.  In my second book, Lulu in Honolulu, that’s exactly how Lulu feels.  She’s just turned eleven and if she had to pick an island for a family vacation, she would have picked Iceland.  Her skin is naturally pale, so she suits up like a beekeeper before going outside.  She’s on the plumper side, so skimpy clothes and her coconut shake shaped body do not fit.  The coordination gene skipped over her so surfing, paddle boarding, and other water sports are, at best, ways to gulp salt water.  These are the reasons I chose Hawaii! For tweens drifting into teens wondering about being different can be unsettling.  Not feeling like you belong in Hawaii?!   Well, how weird can you be?!  Lulu, however, embraces her uniqueness and finds inspiration in Hawaii’s food, culture, and nature. I set out to write a story that would show Honolulu as more than a one-dimensional travel poster.  Hawaiians have “Aloha Spirit” that drifts around them like an ethereal mist.  Aloha Spirit is the way they protect monk seals, clean coral reefs, string plumeria into leis, wrap fish in ti leaves, and dance hula.  It is how they treat people.  Aloha Spirit is hard to explain in a word.  It took a whole book.  So, to understand my true inspiration, you’ll just have to read Lulu in Honolulu to understand.  Mahalo!

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