Dec 31

Review & Giveaway: Magic Bullet

I received the following item(s) for in exchange for a fair and honest review. Although I received the item for review, the opinions stated are 100% my own.


About Capital Brands:

At Homeland Housewares, we take pride in the products we offer. We go out of our way to make products of superior quality and craftsmanship, products designed to meet or exceed the demands placed on them through everyday use.

For the team at Homeland Housewares, your complete satisfaction is our daily goal. We know what it’s like to be the customer. That’s why our products go through extensive “real-world” testing to determine what works and how we can make our products better than anything on the market. After all, we use these products in our own homes.

We’re also dedicated to innovation. By taking the time to figure out everything that is “good” about the currently available housewares products on the market and then focusing on ways to improve them, we can offer you products that are of good quality, of good value and that live up to our ultimate mission: To make your life easier, at home. Each and every day.




Product Description:

The Cyclonic Cutting Zone® Process
The secret to the Magic Bullet’s time-saving efficiency is the specially designed blade and unique bullet-shaped design that automatically circulates food back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone region with so much force and speed that it can do virtually any job in 10 seconds or less.

Using the Magic Bullet® Blender Couldn’t Be Easier
There are no buttons to press, no complicated manuals to read. Simply place one of THE BULLETCups or Party Mugs on to the High-Torque Power Base and press…it’s a snap! With the easy-to-use Magic Bullet, you can make delicious party dips like salsa, guacamole and bean dip, refreshing frozen margaritas and pina coladas, a variety of tantalizing pasta sauces, decadent desserts such as creamy chocolate mousse or frosty milkshakes and more. All with virtually no effort and no clean up. And all in 10 seconds or less.

My Review:

I was eager to review the Magic Bullet. I love to try new gadgets for the kitchen to make life easier. I have an extremely small kitchen so cooking/baking can be a chore.

Today I made homemade macaroni & cheese. The recipe is in the book that comes with it. My youngest daughter is a very picky eater and loves Mac & cheese. I didn’t think she’d like this because it’s not from “the box”. I gave a bowl to my husband with 2 forks. Poor husband didn’t get much of it, she wouldn’t put it down!

It was so quick and simple to chop up other things as well. This will definitely make cooking faster and easier. The recipe book is full of great quick and easy things to make.

You get the High-Torque Power Base, tall and short bullet cups, 2 different blades, Shaker/Steamer Tops, Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids and Four Party Mugs with Comfort Lip Rings. Here is a picture of the party cups



I love that everything is small and compact but does the job of a big heavy blender.  This can replace both a blender and a chopper. I feel this is a must have product for your kitchen.

Would you like the chance to win a Magic Bullet of your own? Be sure to enter the giveaway form below.

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  1. Carol McDonald

    I am most excited to make food for Baby RJ, he just started on baby food but I would rather make it at home, so I can control what is in it. Thanks for the chance

    1. Joe D.

      I would make every single type of smoothie I can.
      I’m anxious to blend some fresh fruit and add different flavors of ice-cream to punch it up. I’m actually drooling, thinking about the combos ….

  2. Melanie Fleury

    I have used magic bullets in the past to make baby food, my own spice mixes and more. They are extremely easy to use and clean.

  3. wendy rozema

    I’m excited to make a smoothie!

  4. Michelle

    I want to make a nice dipping sauce

  5. Sara Wagner

    I would make smoothies in this.

  6. Roblyn Honeysucker

    I want to make fresh salsa.

  7. Gennie Lancaster

    I would love to make smoothies!

  8. Rickie Hinrichs

    I’ve tried it works as advertised.

  9. Valerie

    My mom has one of these! I love using hers! I would be making smoothies and health shakes with mine!

  10. Shelia S

    I am eager to make smoothies. it would be so much easier to use the Magic Bullet than the food processor–plus the food processor doesn’t make it like a Magic Bullet.

  11. Kathy

    I’d love to make some dips with this! Thanks for the chance.


    I make shakes and smoothies often. I would love to use the bullet for that.

  13. Misha Estrada

    I want to make milkshakes.

  14. Kathy Luman

    I would like to make a banana and strawberry smoothie.

  15. Tabitha P.

    I want to make salsa!
    My mom makes great salsa,may I can too!

  16. Amanda S.

    I would love to make green smoothies with this! Bananas, strawberries and kale!

  17. tricia dunkle

    Salsa 🙂

  18. Zenetta

    I am excited to make a mango and raspberry smoothie.

  19. Danielle Porter

    smoothies and maybe peanut butter! oooh or almond butter!

  20. Paula

    the mac n cheese you made sounds great would love to try to make it

  21. Terri Moore

    I would make some frozen banana “ice cream” that needs a good blender to make. You know the one that only calls for frozen banana’s, cocoa powder and peanut butter? Yum

  22. Bev Henry

    Smoothies for me

  23. Edna Williams

    I would make a fresh banana and mango smoothie!

  24. Miranda Sherman

    Green smoothies!

  25. Nancy

    I am going to make smoothies. I have wanted one for a long time, so I am going to be crossing my fingers.

  26. Jaque R

    Fresh pumpkin soup, yum! 🙂 Thank you.

  27. Elizabeth Drake


  28. angie

    Blueberry smoothie

  29. Kiara

    I’m excited to make smoothies.

  30. Shannon Baas

    I’d love to make smoothies.

  31. Brittney House

    I’m excited to make a strawberry banana smoothie!

  32. ASHLEY N

    I would love to make my protein shakes with this.

  33. Kelly c

    Would love to make smoothies. Mmm

  34. Mendy Dinsmore

    I would love to make smoothies with it.

  35. Kevin K

    I would make my own almond butter 🙂

  36. Theresa Jenkins

    shakes and soups for the grandkids

  37. nickie

    I’d like to make a smoothie

  38. jose benavides

    I am eager to make banana shakes..

  39. Brittany Kane

    Smoothies. They are so good, but way to expensive to buy.

  40. christopher h

    this would be great for smoothies

  41. Serrena Stallmo

    Having arthritis, I would use this for all of the fine dicing and mixing that I have difficulty doing by hand.

  42. Jeanne

    My son loves milk shakes and smoothies, so that is what I would make.

  43. Ann Fantom

    I would make a banana, raspberry, pineapple juice and strawberry smoothie

  44. Jacob

    Smoothies! I would love to have a healthy shake or smoothing in the mornings and this would be perfect to do that

  45. Elizabeth Owens

    A smoothie with lots of berries and milk. That would be the best breakfast!

  46. Carla S

    I want to make pina colada and green smoothies.

  47. Maegan G

    Smoothies of all kinds!!

  48. Grace Scammell

    a home style v8 type drink

  49. Paula V

    protein shake

  50. Randy R

    I would love to make some fruit smoothies!

  51. Nicole Newby

    I would love to make my sons baby food purees from scratch.

  52. Charlotte Padgett

    banana and chocolate ice cream

  53. Lauren-Olivia Wood

    Smoothies are my choice for the Magic Bullet!

  54. Erica H

    Smoothies!! I am dying to try out something like this item for making smoothies

  55. Victoria Carlson

    I am eager to make smoothies every morning with this Magic Bullet!

  56. Ashley Fryer

    I can’t wait to make a milkshake.

  57. Darlene Carbajal


  58. Beaynbopp

    I would make smoothies and salsa first!

  59. spring ross

    I would make smoothies, healthy and it would help me in my new years resolution.

  60. Tracy L Davis

    I want to make milkshakes

  61. Amanda Sakovitz

    smoothies and soups!

  62. Anna E.

    I would love to make shakes with this!!

  63. Kelley Galyen

    I would love to make salsa with this!

  64. Heather McCormick

    I am definitely eager to make fruit smoothies

  65. Rita Leonard

    i would definitely make some smoothies

  66. Tom Bellamy

    A strawberry/banana smoothie.


    I’d make an orange freeze.


    Lots of “SMOOTHIES”

  69. Jodie Rosenblum

    I want to try it and see how easy it is to make smoothies

  70. friederike graedener

    I would love to try the homemade mac and cheese recipe and I would love to start making my own smoothies. Thank you for the giveaway.

  71. mysweetiepiepie


  72. Carol

    I’m excited to make a smoothie.

  73. Denise B.

    I want to puree vegetables to add to recipes.

  74. David Smith

    I’d make a blackberry or raspberry smoothie and milk shakes first.

  75. tina reynolds

    I would love to make some smoothies for me and my family

  76. cheryl s

    a strawberry banana smoothie

  77. jessica edwards

    leek and potato soup

  78. Carly D.

    banana smoothies are my favorite!!!

  79. Thomas Murphy

    I want to make salsa.

  80. karen b

    can’t wait to make a strawberry cheesecake, thanks

  81. christine burd

    I’d like to make smoothies for breakfast

  82. Debbie Frick

    Id like to make smoothies and fresh salsa

  83. Linda Kish

    I look forward to making lots of smoothies with it.

  84. Kitty Iecvan

    I want to make sauces with it!

  85. Alex M

    I would use it to chop fresh veggies and fruits

  86. Michelle

    I really want to use this to make whey protein shakes for my after workout snack

  87. Laura Schrillo

    this would be great for baby food

  88. Kelley H

    smoothies would be the first thing I make

  89. April Brenay

    would love to make some chicken salad! my hubby loves them!

  90. Andrew Domonkos

    Would make smoothies and shakes.

  91. Rebecca Graham

    I would make all kinds of smoothies.

  92. Heather B

    I would love to use it to make some dips!

  93. amanda ayala

    baby food for my daughter

  94. Jhyrel

    Im excited to make baby food and smoothies for the mister and i.

  95. SF

    I would like to make some post workout fruit smoothies 🙂

  96. Xty Cruz

    Some nice veggie smoothie

  97. Monique Rizzo

    A blackberry smoothie.
    Thanks for the chance.

  98. Angela Y

    I would make some green smoothies in this.

  99. Julie

    homemade salsa

  100. Sarah Bilodeau

    I want to make a banana smoothie!!

  101. Connie Lee

    I would make milk shakes and smoothies.

  102. Lauren

    I am so eager to try making all sorts of smoothies with one of these… 🙂

  103. heather eg kaufman

    Fruit & veggie smoothies for my kids.

  104. Cindy Bowling

    I want to make milkshakes

  105. wen budro

    I’m most excited to make smoothies and milkshakes.

  106. Helga

    I would make green smoothies.

  107. beth shepherd

    I cant wait to make smoothies.

  108. April Martin

    My own home made sauces for pasta! Yummy! 🙂

  109. Vicki andrew

    smoothies, with lots of fresh fruit, yummmm

  110. Priscilla S.

    I’m excited to make a smoothies!

  111. Julie

    This sounds great. I have a friend in the US this would be a perfect surprise for. Thanks for the review.

  112. Michelle G.

    Smoothies and milk shakes. I did not realize all the other things you could do with a Magic Bullet…YAY!

  113. golden storm

    I think I would like to make my own marinades etc with it

  114. Julia Potvin

    I would love to do some healthy, weight gain milkshakes for my Hubby,he has been sick and needs to put back on about 30lbs! This would be great!

  115. gina

    I would love to make some shakes, guacamole, chocolate mousse.

  116. elizabeth p

    blended veggie omelets.

  117. Debbie F

    Smoothies for breakfast would be first on the list!

  118. Steve Stone

    my wife would love to make milkshakes.

  119. hazel w

    I am most excited to make homemade peanut butter!

  120. Kat

    Green juice. It’s my new years resolution to eat more greens.

  121. Birdie Skolfield

    I want to make freezer jam this would make it a perfect consistency

  122. muffy

    I am supper pump to make some MEAN Protein SHAKES! WITH THE MAGIC BULLET

  123. vdials


  124. Felicia Aron

    I would love to win this because I want to make smoothies w it!!!

  125. Beth W

    I’m excited to make a new recipe for an apple pie smoothie.

  126. April P.

    Guac. All day. The possibilities are endless though.

  127. Paula Michele Hafner

    I want to try a new iced Caramel coffee drink.

  128. Patty Santamaria

    Would like to pulverize my chia seeds 🙂

  129. ellen c.

    I’d like to make a chocolate chip milkshake in it. Thanks for the chance.

  130. ginger c

    I have had a magic bullet for 5 & 1/2 years. I love it. I use it all the time, and it’s noticible. All of my cups are cracked, the mixing cups are stripped, and sometimes I can’t get the blade off. Some of my cups leak, but it still works, only a little messier cleaner up now. It’s definately time for a new Magic Bullet.

  131. Priscilla P.

    Fruit smoothie is what I would make.

  132. joseph gersch

    i want a strawberry smoothie

  133. Lorena Keech

    Chocolate mousse

  134. Amanda Kinder

    I’m eager to make homemade guacamole!

  135. melissa Resnick

    morning smoothie

  136. Kathy Detweiler

    Salsa or a Starbucks frozen coffee!

  137. Rosanne

    Healthy smoothies

  138. Ronni

    baby food or frozen drinks.

  139. Jeannie B

    It would be perfect for food for my 1 yr old

  140. alyce poalillo

    I think I would make salsa first. I have wanted one since I watched the info commercial years ago!

  141. Meg R

    Delicious shakes and smoothies!

  142. Rebecca L

    Vegetable smoothies.

  143. Patty Hancock

    smoothies and puree fruit

  144. Shane

    Smoothies for after the gym!

  145. Lisa Davis


  146. bianca roman

    i’m eager to make juices/smoothies with this, but also things for my crockpot meals!

  147. spiffikins

    I would love to make smoothies!

  148. Debra Hall

    homemade applesauce would be the first thing i would make

  149. Racheal

    Smoothies and salsas.

  150. Robin

    I’m looking forward to making a smoothie with the magic bulet.

  151. Jennifer

    I would use it to make margaritas! Lol.

  152. Karen Gonyea

    Strawberry Daiquiris 🙂

  153. Heather Dawn

    I would make a smoothie! Not sure which one yet!

  154. bonnie

    I am eager to make smoothies with this.


  155. Samantha

    I want to make fruit smoothies with this!

  156. Nikki

    I am eager to make a smoothie.

  157. Michaela R.

    I would make some yummy Salsa!

  158. Caroline B

    I would definitely make smoothies!

  159. Brenda Elsner

    I would like to make some smoothies!!

  160. Daniel M

    smoothies and other fruit drinks

  161. Angela W


  162. tina

    I would like to try and make some sauces or pesto.

  163. Melanie Bahr

    I would love to use the Magic Bullet to make baby food and also to make smoothies for my husband and I when we need a quick breakfast!

  164. christina barnes

    I can not wait to make yummy nutritious smoothies 🙂

  165. Jammie

    I am eager to make some healthy smoothies, I am thinking a little banana, peanut butter and chocolate action.

  166. richelle bowers


  167. mary gardner

    We make lots of green smoothies so I would like to make those in the magic bullet!

  168. amy f

    to mix up spices

  169. susan smoaks

    i am eager to make a smoothie. i am working on being healthier this year and i can’t wait to make some good fruit smoothies.

  170. Erica C.

    I’d make banana and blueberry smoothies.

  171. Liza E

    Smoothies & sauces

  172. Philb

    Nothing better than a smoothie and homemade smoothie popsicles

  173. rebecca tardif

    I want to get one of these for when my son has his jaw surgery it would make things so much easier and healthier

  174. Rachael G.

    I would love to start making berry smoothies for breakfast!

  175. Amanda Jones

    I would make healthy smoothies.

  176. Tara Woods

    I would make fresh quacamole and salsa.

  177. Angela Ash

    I make a lot of soups, dressings and dips. This seems perfect for a multitude of things.

  178. shawna

    A strawberry banana smoothie.

  179. Karrie Millheim

    I would love to make smoothies

  180. Don D

    I would use it to make a puree that I use for chili….its a puree of tomatoes, garlic, onions and jalapenos.

  181. Connie Tucker

    A strawberry smoothie

  182. Pauline M

    I would love to try out a strawberry and mango smoothie!

  183. Theresa

    I really want to make smoothies and milkshakes!

  184. Jackie

    Im eager to make pureed food for my baby

  185. Sky Sparkle

    I want to make smoothies!

  186. Beverly searles

    my own babyfood.

  187. Wanda C.


  188. Michele C

    I would like to try different smoothie recipes.

  189. sheryl cullum

    Some chocolate malts

  190. Alexa B.

    i’d like to make pepper soup.

  191. Ericka Shervington

    I cant wait to try to make salsa… I am a chips and dip super fan!! lol..

  192. Lyndi Malarchuk

    I would love to make healthy smoothies for myself, and healthier desserts (like chocolate mousse) for my kids.

  193. Penny Snyder

    Healthy morning smoothies!!~

  194. Barbara S

    would like to make some purees (veggie & fruit)

  195. Colin Glendon

    milkshakes, they make killer milkshakes.

  196. Karen Drake

    I am eager to make a banana smoothie with this blender.

  197. Nicole Carter

    I want to make a strawberry banana smoothie!

  198. kathy pease

    id love to make some sstrawberry milkshakes 🙂

  199. melina r

    I am eager to make some slushies and smoothies for my kids.

  200. Jessica Rose

    A smoothie!

  201. Kat Emerick

    I want to make my own salsa.

  202. Cassandra Davis

    Everything! I’m really eager to make some smoothies & health drinks!

  203. Krystal M.

    I would use this everyday, I am having weightloss surgery so I am on a liquid and a pureed diet for a month and a half, so this would come in handy!

  204. melikegarfield

    I make a lot of smoothies.

  205. Magdalene Kruse

    Hummus! So many different flavors of Hummus would be possible with this. yummy

  206. Annette

    I’d love to make salsa and guacamole in it.

  207. jenn poulin

    Smoothies for my boys..iced coffee for me 🙂

  208. Elizabeth Miller

    We have had one of these for many years. It broke right before Christmas. My 8 year old at least 3 days a week would have smoothie for breakfast. she hasn’t had once since it broke…I would love to have this to make her her smoothies again to start her day.

  209. Natalie yeoman

    Strawberry banana smoothie

  210. Allison Revilla


  211. Ashley Dunn


  212. Denise Donaldson

    I would make smoothies

  213. Brad Merrell

    Some kind of shake

  214. jeanette h.

    Salsa! Sounds so yummy!

  215. Brynn

    Some yummy pesto!!!

  216. amy deeter

    i would like to make a smoothie

  217. Sandra Marra

    My husband has to drink a supplement for his dialysis diet and I would like to make a smoothie that would make it taste better!

  218. David Carlson

    I’m eager to make some smoothies.

  219. Richard Hicks

    Can hardly wait to make some delicious smoothies

  220. April

    I want to make smoothies. Yum

  221. Vikki Billings

    I am eager to make some banana strawberry smoothies!!

  222. Marcy Strahan

    I want to make Cashew butter! I can not long chew nuts & miss eating cashews so bad! I want to make cashew butter !

  223. Kayci Stanley

    I’m eager to make banana peanut butter smoothies.

  224. Katy Dutcher

    Strawberries and bananas

  225. andrea howard

    homemade salad dressings, or smoothies

  226. Joy Q

    I would use it to make fresh salsa

  227. Shaley


  228. vivian


  229. liz l


  230. Ashley Tucker


  231. Julie Hawkins

    I’d like to make protein smoothies

  232. Trisha McKee

    Definitely salsa is the first thing i would make with this!!

  233. Noreen

    Spinach and blueberry smoothie

  234. Beverly Metcalf

    I would love a magic bullet. The first thing I would make is some frosty milkshakes. Thanks for having this contest.

  235. april


  236. meme

    The first thing would be my homemade Salsa

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