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Malt Shop Cookies Review

Malt Shop Cookies is a company that sells cookies to your loved one in a personalized tin. What is better than cookies?

Malt Shop Cookies

Malt Shop Cookies is run by friends John and Edward. John has done a lot of stuff. Marketed a lot of food for a lot of big companies (Kraft, Sargento, Hormel, Birds-Eye, etc). You’ve probably eaten some of his prior work. Now a certified Cookie Monster.

Ed is a one of a kind guy. It’s just that what that kind is has always been up for grabs. However, as a Baking Food Scientist, he makes a mean Malted Milk cookie. Which makes the world a far better place than it was.

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I love cookies and Malt Shop Cookies are no different.

Cookies are such a great sweet to have on hand. You can make them soft or crunchy, I prefer soft cookies. You can make them basic or you can make fancy ones.

Malt Shop Cookies are one of my favorite! I am embarrassed to admit how quickly I ate these delicious melt in your mouth cookies. I’m not usually a big fan of malt but oh wow these cookies are to die for!

The cookies come in 3 flavors: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip and Mocha Chocolate. The tin that these cookies come it can be personalized. What I love is the tin can be used for other things when the cookies are gone. Trust me they will be gone quickly.

You can pick a tin in 3 different sizes. You can pick one flavor cookie or a variety tin. I received a variety tin, the cookies arrived wrapped in sleeve of 6 of each flavor and wrapped in cellophane.

Which cookies would you pick for yourself? Who would love to receive a personalized tin of cookies this holiday season?

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