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The theme of this week is –

Have you always loved to read? If not, how did you get into reading?

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My Answer:

As a child I hated to read. My mom couldn’t get me to go anywhere near a book. When I was pregnant with my daughter I ended up being on bed rest a lot. I could get up and walk around but was to rest when at home.

That is when I started to read. I swear I read half the library, ok not really. That is where my love of reading came from. I’m never far from a book now. 

These days I prefer to read on my tablet. When buying a new purse, I always make sure it’s big enough to hold everything I need to carry AND my tablet. 

I hope that some day my oldest daughter who is 18 will love to read. However, she is in college now and doesn’t have a lot of spare time. My youngest is 8 and loves to read. Her school does the Reading AR. She is in 3rd grade and tested to be reading at a 5th grade level!

What about you? Did you always love to read? If you don’t like to read, why not?


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  1. Wow! I never would have thought you didn’t like to read as a child. Crazy!

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