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My SuperFoods Company has SuperSnacks and SuperCookies for My SuperKid! They are an organic company with some tasty products that are super healthy for my little one!

I have been on a search for some healthy snacks lately that my daughter might like. I have pretty much banned cookies, fruit snacks and other junk foods from my home. I have been concerned about my daughter’s snack intake for a while. I have been determined to find some nutritious foods. However, I don’t want to feel like I am depriving my daughter of some yummy treats. My SuperFoods has solved my problem. They are sneaking in those healthy foods, kids love to avoid, in their tasty snacks.

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My SuperFoods sent me a nice little variety of their healthy organic snacks to review. I received a few of My SuperCookies in Honey Heroes, Blueberry Vanilla Heroes, and Chocolate Heroes. These are in fun shaped heroes for your kids to enjoy!

They are non-GMO, whole grain cookies. These are made in a nut-free facility (in the USA), so no need to worry about nut allergies! You will find no artificial colors, no preservatives and no trans fats in My SuperFoods!  I got to try a few My SuperSnacks in Apple Raisin Granola Bites, Blueberry Banana Acai, and Chocolate Chip! These are Dairy Free, Vegan and made with real fruit. Okay, the chocolate chip one is made with organic chocolate, no real fruit in there.

Why Choose My SuperFoods?

They are TASTY! (Healthy too, obviously, but let’s keep that secret to ourselves. We do NOT want that rumor spreading around to our kids!) The only one both my daughter and I didn’t like was the Blueberry Banana Acai granola bites. I cannot even describe what these tasted like to us, however, my boyfriend loved them! The blend was perfect to him and he devoured them with ease.

My SuperFoods other two granola bites, were a hit with all of us. We shared the packets between us three, chowing away. I did allow my daughter the extra one in each pouch, as there was four. My SuperSnack chocolate chip granola was high in chocolate flavor and low in the icky, healthy taste factor. The Apple Raisin had a nice blend to it, you could taste both very well and was a huge favorite. It was definitely better than other apple granola bars I’ve had. I’ll actually go as far as saying it’s better than the apple cinnamon ones I’ve had and I eat those regularly.

The Blueberry Vanilla SuperCookies were another fail with my daughter and I. I was actually disappointed as I was expecting something different, I guess. I could taste the Chia in it very strongly, and I really hate the taste of Chia. (I’m also not used to eating organic, vegan or whole wheat.) However, my boyfriend, once again loved these. Funny thing is he’s not even a big blueberry fan and both the blueberry flavors he enjoyed! He’s been gnawing away at their healthy goodness.

The Honey Heroes were Super! My Super Kid loved them! The honey is strong and it was almost like eating a sweet, honey cracker. Very sweet, very delicious and VERY healthy! We were both chewing away at them happily. (I let her eat most of them, as she seemed to really be in love!)

The Chocolate Heroes were awesome. I cannot believe it. It was like eating chocolate graham crackers, which I love. All of us were fighting over these. Luckily, we had two packs. My SuperFoods truly recovered from my original opinion of them, as we tried BOTH blueberry products first! My boyfriend had to come home, and taste the rest… before my daughter and I dared to try another flavor.

I guess if you gathered anything in this review, keep trying healthy snacks. You’ll find something you love at some point, you just may be surprised at which flavor it is that wins you over. I found I love a few organic cookies and organic granola bars! Most importantly, so does my daughter! With all natural ingredients, you can’t go wrong! All in all, My SuperFoods was a super experience for us and a win!

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