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myCharge helps keep your loved one’s smartphones, iPads, MacBooks, and wearables charged. This is a great gift for anyone that is addicted to their electronics. myChargemyCharge’s Razor and HUB series are perfect for the person on your list that has numerous devices to charge at once and would like the power and speed to quickly replenish the battery. The HubPlus is a sleek charger that is equipped with a built-in Apple Lightning cable, a micro-USB cable and a USB port. What makes this charger one of a kind is it also has built-in wall prongs to charge the unit itself, making the need for cables a thing of the past. The RazorPlatinum is another sleek charger that features a USB-A and USB-C port, to charge a compatible MacBook, and can provide up to eight times the extra battery life for their devices.

Have someone on your list that is obsessed with their Apple Watch, FitBit or another fitness tracker? myCharge’s PowerGear Sport would be the perfect fit for them. It’s a charging case made specifically for wearables that provide up to ten times the battery life and a safe place to store the device and any extra bands they may have. The PowerGear Sound is another charging case, but for wireless headphones, which would be perfect for the music fan in your life.

Are you addicted to your electronics as much as I am?

Electronics are such a part of our society these days. How often do you leave home without your cell phone? I even see kids in stores/doctor’s offices with tablets to keep them busy and quiet. A portable charger is a must have. We don’t always have access to an electrical outlet to charge up our beloved devices.

myCharge has a variety of portable chargers to keep you connected while on the go.

What Makes myCharge Devices Superior:

  • Hyper-Charge™ charges smartphones – including the new iPhone 6 Plus – up to 30% faster than the Apple-supplied charger.
  • Rapid Recharge™ Technology recharges myCharge power banks up to four times faster than competitor’s chargers.
  • Power stay™ Technology retains up to 60% of a full charge for up to one year.
  • Parallel Charging Technology simultaneously charges a mobile device and the charger at the same time, minimizing total charge time.
  • Safe Cell™ Technology delivers 12 layers of battery and device protection against overcharge, under-charge, over-current, over temperature and short circuit.
  • Max Power transfer moves power from the power bank at the fastest speeds possible to the device being charged.
  • SmartSense™ Technology ensures device compatibility eliminating those annoying “not compatible” messages as seen from many chargers in the market.

One of those chargers is the RazorPlatinum.

Crafted from anodized aluminum, the 13400mAh RazorPlatinum is not only the most powerful portable charger in the myCharge lineup but also the only charger capable of powering a laptop. The USB-C port delivers a 36W output and is able to fully charge a MacBook in 100 minutes. Charge any tablet, smartphone or another device via the RazorPlatinum’s standard USB-A port. Recharge the RazorPlatinum via the MacBook 29 watt adaptor in just 2 hours.

Battery Capacity: 13400mAh

Recharges Via: USB-C cable

Compatibility: MacBook, Tablets, Smartphones, USB-C & USB-A Devices

This portable charger has a bit of weight to it because it is powerful enough to recharge your MacBook. This is a perfect item for those that work on the road. Not all work requires internet. There are times though that I’ve gone to the local coffee shop to work and while I had free Wi-Fi, there were no open outlets to charge my laptop. This would have helped with that. This would make a great gift.

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