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No one really thinks about their septic tank until something happens. Its leaking, it starts to smell (gross right!) or worst case. Its leaking in the yard and you’re having to call a plumber to come fix it or drain it. I know I never really think about mine.. It’s just something that is there.

However I was recently made aware that I should really have a monthly maintenance routine in place so that we don’t have any problems with our septic tank and drainage field. That these places can fill up, clog, or overflow and then I would have complaining neighbors. I really really didn’t want to have to deal with this. I know my husband doesn’t want to either. So I looked into some options.

Checking out the consumer reviews on the type of products that were recommended wasn’t very convincing. Most of them didn’t seem to work, or didn’t work fast enough and people were still having problems. Then I ran across NT-MAX powder treatment. It comes in pre-measured biodegradable bags that are ready to flush down your toilet once per month. (Super easy to keep up with? Sign me up!)

I started reading more about it and what it does. Pretty much this powder is to assure healthy and aggressive bacterial colonies will be present in your entire septic system. They quickly multiply upon entering your system as the bacterial/enzymes rapidly get to work digesting the buildup in your pipes, tank, d-box and leach lines. Waste within your system, blockages and compacted soils in your drain field are digested and broken down into water and oxygen.

Here is a picture of what your septic tank lines look like without the NT-Maxx product and then afterwards. This made me really want to try this.

NT-Max Complete

I decided to give it a try after reading about it online. So far so good! It seems to be working really well, we haven’t had any problems and the slight odor in the yard around the drainage field has gone away too!

My summer place is also on a septic system. I will be checking with the BOD (similar to an HOA) to see if I can use this product in my lines. We have a holding tank that is similar to a septic system and the smell can get horrible and embarrassing since we know it’s our trailer.

I highly recommend checking out this company for all of their septic tank treatments. New Tech Bio.

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