Nickel Plated Ball Chain Necklace Review

Nickel Plated Ball Chain Necklace is great for dog tag, crafts, or any need you have for a replacement necklace chain.

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After trying various brands and styles of ball chain necklaces, we wanted to find a necklace that was comfortable, didn’t easily ruse and could be use over and over without breaking. We searched for a while until we finally found something that met our quality standards. We found ball chain necklaces that snapped with the slightest tug and seemingly showed wear even after just a couple uses.

And that’s how Coziii was born! Our product is engineered and designed with practical use in mind. It has a protective nickel-plated coating to help maintain quality and fasteners to for easy use. The Coziii ball chain necklaces provide a high quality jewelry item for whatever your craft or use.

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Here is how my family used these ball chains.

My husband wears a set of personalized dog tags all the time. Over time the chain needs replaced from wearing it non stop, even in the shower. I have a heart pendent and washer I wear constantly. The chain that came with the heart pendant broke a long time ago and the replacement one I was using was cheap and turning my neck green. Yuck!

We are both wearing one of these ball chains for our necklaces and they are working out great. We don’t notice any discomfort or skin irritation. This is a set of 25! We will have a steady supply of these chains for a long time.

These chains are also great for more than just as a necklace. You can use them for crafts, what comes to mind the most is key chains. You can use a wire cutter or strong scissors to cut them to the length you need for your craft.

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You can purchase these for yourself on Amazon. Be sure to check out the other items they sell.

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