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Are you a gadget person? Nite Ize sells various different gadgets. I’m happy to bring you this review of their QuikStand Mobile Device Stand  and BugLit LED Bike Light.

About Nite Ize:

Our History 

CEO and Founder Rick Case started Nite Ize as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado in 1989. “I was on a fishing trip using the brand new mini flashlight my family gave me as a gift. I was fishing at night with it, holding it in my mouth. Sure enough, I opened my mouth, and the flashlight fell out. I was staring down into the water, watching my still lit flashlight on the bottom when an idea hit me. That idea became the first product I ever made, the Headband Mini Flashlight Holder.” Nite Ize is proud to be celebrating our 25 year anniversary in 2014. We look forward to pursuing our ongoing mission of innovation. Thank you to all of our customers for your support over the last 25 years.

Case, who embodies the very essence of entrepreneurial spirit, built his successful company through dedication, inspiration and hard work. He was running the company from his mountain cabin when he received his first order for 42,000 Headbands. Twenty-five years later, Nite Ize continues to expand with a large manufacturing facility and corporate offices based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Case remarked recently, “You have to be passionate, have faith in what you are doing, and be persistent.”

In the years that have passed since that fishing trip, Nite Ize has grown from one bright idea into a company that makes and sells a wide variety of accessories, tools, and devices. Every product we offer is designed with creative innovation for superior functionality, manufactured with top-of-the line materials for optimum durability, and here to make your life easier, safer, and a little more fun – day and night.

What We Do

The mission of Nite Ize is to create innovative, solution based products with quality, performance, and value at the core. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in every way possible while conducting business with integrity, honesty, and respect for our team members, customers and partners.

Where We Are Going

Innovation inspired the idea that has become Nite Ize, and will continue to drive our evolution into the future. As we grow, our vision is to build the Nite Ize brand to be recognized for imaginative products that make our customers’ lives easier, safer, and more fun. Our success should always be measured by the ongoing enthusiasm for Nite Ize products, our customer’s satisfaction, the development of our team and a minimal environmental impact.

Who We Are

Nite Ize is built on the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff. We are ordinary people working together to achieve extraordinary results. These core values define our interaction with one another and our customers:
Problem Solving

QuikStand Mobile Device Stand  and BugLit LED Bike Light.

I received two different products for review: QuikStand Mobile Device Stand  and BugLit LED Bike Light.

Product Description:

QuikStand Mobile Device Stand

Portable mobile device stand designed for smartphones & tablets (up to 7″) to easily view in either portrait or landscape orientation

Works with most mobile phones, e-readers, and small tablets, with or without a form fit case

Size of a credit card – folds flat to fit easily into your wallet for convenient storage and access

Front flap easily adjusts to the depth of your device for secure viewing without obstructing your screen

Easily adjustable aluminum support bar allows you to position your device at multiple angles for perfect viewing

Designed of flexible polypropylene and anodized aluminum


       3.4″ x 2.0″ x 0.2″ | 86.1mm x 50.88mm x 4.0mm

Weight: 0.4oz | 10.0g

Price: $9.99

BugLit LED Bike Light

Available in Red & White LED Colors.

Four Functions – High Power, Low Power, Strobe and Signal Mode.

Lumen Output: HIGH – 6 lumens; LOW – 1 Lumen (white only)

Run Time: HIGH – 10 hours; LOW 22 Hours

Includes easily replaceable batteries – 2 x 2016 3V Lithium

Gear Tie Technology – Tough rubber shell provides excellent grip anywhere on your bicycle, but won’t scratch or mark.

Gear Tie Technology – Strong internal wire that holds its shape.

Gear Tie Technology – Quick and easy to securely attach and detach.

Gear Tie Technology – UV resistant – will not be damaged by extended sun exposure.

Size #0 S-Biner is a durable, lightweight double gated carabiner clip – attach or store nearly anywhere!

Try It Packaging

Dimensions: 5.80″ x 3.23″ x 0.65″ | 147.33mm x 82.24mm x 16.57mm

Weight: 0.63oz | 18.00g

Price: $12.99

My Review:


I was very happy to receive these two items from Nite Ize. My cell phone case does not have a kickstand. This can be troublesome sometimes as I tend to use my phone to watch videos on it a lot. The QuikStand Mobile Device Stand I received is perfect! It’s super thin and small. It can easily fit in my wallet or purse for when I need it. My husband likes it as well.


The other item I received was an LED Bike Light. My husband is a biker. He has all kinds of accessories for his custom made road bike. He was in dire need of a new back light since the lens of his old one got damaged. This light is perfect. It has both the features of being a constant light and a blinking light. A light on the back of a bike is very important if you plan to ride your bike at night. The visibility quality, and battery life are comparative to others on the market. I love that there is no screws to attache the light onto the bike frame. You simply attach the light using the bendable arms. 

Nite Ize sells many different products. I’m sure you can find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list this season.

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