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Looking for non-romantic gift ideas for men?

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Valentine’s Day is typically a day full of love and romance. Men are not always the gushy gooey lovey type. Here are some of my non-romantic gift ideas for men to still spoil your sweetheart.

Non-Romantic gift ideas

We all know deep down all men are big softies. However, they have to keep up the persona that they are big rough and tough men. This can make gift giving difficult, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. 

I came up with non-romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. My husband loves all things outdoors.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod (10-25-Pound Test), 6.5-Feet/Medium-Heavy

Non-Romantic gift ideas

My Thoughts: My husband is an avid fisherman and would love to own an ugly stik. These are high-end rods made by a company called Shakespeare. Keep in mind this for the rod ONLY. You have to purchase a reel separately. 


Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit
My Thoughts: My husband loves to kick back with a cold one after a hard days work. I think he’d enjoy creating his own beer. It’s a great hobby and he can feel proud of what he creates.


Rogue River Tactical 80 Pound Hand Held Self Cocking Draw Mini 80lb Pistol Hunting Crossbow w/ 39 Aluminum Arrows Archery Bow Bolts Plus Extra String

Non-Romantic gift ideas

My Thoughts: My husband likes hobbies that require a lot of skill. He likes to use a crossbow for hunting more than a shotgun. He says it’s more skill, and a more humane way to kill a deer. I’m not into hunting so I’ll take his word for it


Allen Instant Roof Camo Treestand Umbrella, 57″

Non-Romantic gift ideas

My Thoughts: Diehard hunters will hunt in all weather conditions. A tree stand umbrella helps them be camiflodged but still protect from wind/snow or rain.


Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

Non-Romantic gift ideas

My Thoughts: This one is more of a gag gift. Men need to stay hydrated when they are enjoying themselves outdoors right? What better way than to be handsfree and use this drinking helmet? 


ALPS Mountaineering Grand Rapids Chair/Stool

Non-Romantic gift ideas

My Thoughts: This is perfect for when my husband goes fishing. There are not always a spot to sit when you fish. My husband will spend all day fishing when he can. This is a great lightweight chair to take with him.


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