ONYX xoxo: Dressing Up Your Tank Tops

ONYX xoxo makes it easy to dress up your favorite tank tops from day wear to night wear.

Onyx xoxo

ONYX is a custom fashion jewelry company. One of their pieces of jewelry is the Silver trio naughty body chain that attaches to your tank top.

The company has styling collaborations with local musicians, artists and talent to provide on stage and on camera styling unique to each artist.  Championing and bringing out full expression of local independent artists.

Accessories designed for dynamic women both on and off stage.  ONYX xoxo is seen on local independent artists and everyday lady superheros battling the office and the boardroom.

Their motto is: You shine.  We shine.  Spreading our passion through global fashion.

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Why are ONYX xoxo’s body chains unique?

We all wear tank tops when the weather gets warmer and we all have our favorite tank top. The body chains from ONYX xoxo quickly help to dress up and change the look of your favorite tank top.

This necklace is a beautiful 3 tier silver chain. The chain is different than traditional necklaces. Instead of wearing this as a traditional necklace, this body chain actually connects to your tank top.

Tank tops are not the only article of clothing this can be added to. You can add it to any garment that has straps. I think it would look beautiful on a spaghetti strap tank top, bathing suit or even your favorite piece of lingerie.

Each piece of jewelry made by ONYX xoxo is handmade. This means each piece is unique and colors can vary from one piece to another.

Body chains are not the only thing they make. They also make: anklets/ankle bracelets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and ring-to-bracelet items.

They also offer the following collections: Empress of Tibet, Gladiator, Lightworks Glass, Signature ear cuffs, and the steampunk collection.

ONYX xoxo jewelry default shipping is USPS flat rate priority. Priority shipping flat rate $5. Tracking number available. Currently free for U.S.

Express shipping is an additional fee. This can be paid for through the shipping tab in categories. International shipping with Fedex Rates start at $35.

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