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Ornaments.com offers a variety of Christmas ornaments that can be personalized. They make great family heirlooms for years to come.


Ornaments.com where you’ll find a great selection of gorgeous ornaments to choose from.   Our staff gathers the most unique and popular ornaments from around the world, offering you so many different options and styles of ornaments.  The designs range anywhere from the cute and cuddly to the exquisitely beautiful.  Use the Ornament Finder search tool to look for ornaments for baby’s first Christmas, gifts for your child’s teacher, ornaments for a favorite little league player, or a personalized ornament to remember the year for everyone in the family.

Owners Rick & Ramona Holt are passionate about ornaments and Christmas in general,  and they are delighted daily at the wonderful creativity of the ornament artisans they meet in their search for exceptional ornaments.  The Holts work with their talented staff to publish blog articles which include reviews of ornaments, ornaments ideas and helpful hints on displaying and storing ornaments.  They also make sure that you know the latest trends for ornaments by keeping you informed about the current most popular ornaments.

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Ornaments.com helps feed into my love of personalized items.

I have always loved having personalized items. If I can’t find something personalized already, I personalize it myself. For the purpose of this review I got an ornament for my husband. As soon as I saw the fisherman I knew it was perfect for him! He is an avid fisherman.

I was able to have the ornament personalized with “McFly” which is his nickname. You can tell that McFly was painted by hand. It is beautifully done. I was actually surprised by the weight of this ornament, it’s much heavier than it looks.

We don’t have a traditional Christmas tree and this ornament is too heavy for our little Charlie Brown tree. My husband has this sitting up on his shelf of our entertainment center where he displays all of his collectibles.

I think it would be fun to buy personalized ornaments for family members every year. Not only are they unique, they become family heirlooms quickly.

What ornament would you buy and for who?

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