Adult coloring books by Suzy Toronto review.

Are you looking for more adult friendly coloring books? I love these coloring books from Suzy Toronto. “Pretending to be normal day after day is exhausting,” says Suzy Toronto. Toronto is a self-proclaimed “wacky” woman, and she wants others to embrace their inner wackiness too. In fact, she’s created an entire art brand that speaks (mostly) to girls and women, inspiring them to embrace their rarity, goofiness, and everything that makes them unique—no matter how silly it may seem. Toronto works out of {Read More}

20 bath and beauty spa basket ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a great time to spoil and pamper mom. Here are 20 great spa basket type gift ideas found on Amazon. I’ve also shared ideas for jewelry, flowers, and candy molds. 8 The USA Made Bath Bombs Gift Set  Spa Gift Basket English Rose By Lovestee Spa Gift Basket with Sensual Lavender Fragrance Spa Gift Basket, Spa Basket with Exotic Orchid by Lovestee Spa Gift Set With Lovely Pomegranate Fragrance Spa Gift Set With sensual Lavender fragrance Spa {Read More}

Goodreads 2016 Choice Awards Romance Books

Romance is an all time favorite genre of mine. My husband jokingly refers to them as my “trashy romance novels”.  When he thinks of romance novels he thinks of Fabio. The romance genre has come a long way since Fabio that’s for sure. Here are the other genre’s I’ve featured in the Goodreads 2016 Choice Awards: Debut Goodreads Authors Fantasy  Fiction Food & Cookbooks Graphic Novels & Comics Historical Fiction History & Biography  Horror Humor Memoir & Autobiography  Middle Grade {Read More}

20 Mother’s Day candy mold ideas

Mom’s are known for baking up delicious homebaked cakes and desserts for us all the time. Why not made mom some specialized chocolates? She’d love them! I also shared ideas for flowers and jewelry. “Mother” on Card Chocolate Candy Mold Mothers Day HAPPY MOTHERS DAY GIFT ~ Engraved Bamboo Paddle Cutting Board ~ Special Heart Design w/ Stand Out “I Love You” ~ Engraved Side For Décor Hanging ~ Reverse Side Usage ~ Mom Gift for Mother’s Day #1 Mom {Read More}

20 flower themed Mother’s Day gift ideas

Flowers are always a timeless gift idea for any occasion. This is especially true for Mother’s Day. I also shared gift ideas for jewelry items. Here are 20 flower ideas for Mother’s Day. UniteStone 24K Gold Foil Artificial Rose Flower Mother Day Gift OUTAD Rose Flower, Best Gift for Mother’s Day, Gift for Lover Mother Girlfriend, 24k Gold Foil Trim Gold Dipped Rose In Gift Box Purple Admired By Nature Artificial Full Blooming Tiger Lily, Peony & Hydrangea with Green {Read More}