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Paint ‘n Go makes doing paint touch ups so much easier. I am happy to bring you this review.

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Product Description:

Patch Paint ’N Go The Holes in Your Wall!

What about the minor drywall repair you have been putting off?  This project is easy for anyone with Patch Paint ‘n Go an all in one drywall repair kit that comes with Color-Glide Pro paint applicator tubes. Each kit comes with mesh tape to repair damaged walls, drywall powdered plaster, mixing spoon, plaster spreader card, sand paper, paint applicator tubes, and paint transfer pumps. The patch kit includes 3 powdered bags of plaster that need to be mixed with mater to activate.  Kit includes mesh wall repair tape, mixing spoon, spreader card, and sandpaper.

Paint ’N Go-Easy Paint Job and No More Storing Paint Cans

Paint ’n Go with Color-Glide® Pro paint applicator tubes are designed for fast, clean and easy touch-ups which is unusual for home paint jobs.  Say good-bye to ugly paint cans and the big hassle of setting and cleaning up for a minor paint jobs or touch-ups.  Simply use the paint transfer tubes to fill your Color-Glide Pro paint applicators with the matching paint color and touch up the needed area.  Write directly on the tubes any information you want (color), store as many tubes as you want and eliminate bulky paint storage at home! Use a fraction of the space a paint can would.

My Review: 

Painting is a messy chore but from time to time it’s needed. A fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a room. After you’ve painted, did you ever notice an area that needed touched up? That’s when it becomes a chore to bring out the left over paint to touch up one area. It’s also hard to store paint when there is only a little bit left in the can.

That’s where Paint ‘n Go comes in handy! You can now store the left over paint into a plastic tube for easy touch ups. It’s so much easier to do touch ups from these tubes as well. Here is a video to show the product in use. This is a must have product for every household.

Paint ‘n Go is only $3.99! You can purchase it ~here~

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