Peekapak Monthly Subscription Review


I am happy to bring you this review for Peekapak. Peekapak is a monthly subscription service for children.

About Peekapak

What’s Inside:

Each month’s pak contains: an original storybook, fun craft activities integrated with the story, and learning elements designed by educators.

How It Works:

Get a pak for your child, or gift one to a friend.  A box will be delivered to your door every month of your subscription.

Read, Create & Learn:

Our team of educators and writers incorporate key elements of play-based learning, so your child gets the most out of each Peekapak.

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My Review:

We all love to receive mail. Children especially love to receive mail. What can be better to get in the mail every month than a box with a book and crafts themed around the book! This to me is a wonderful gift for a child. 

We all struggle with having enough one on one time with our children given our busy lives. What better way to spend time with your child than to read a book and use their imagination on a craft? The one on one time is a gift within itself.

The book is full of beautiful rich colored photos to draw the child into the story. The craft is easy to make and is a keepsake of the book. 

Peekapak offers 4 different subscription levels. You can find out the details ~here~

Here is a promo code for you to use SPECIAL10. It gives you a $10 off your peekapak. What a great deal!

*3-Month Renewing Subscription

Promo price/mo $19.50

 *6-Month Renewing Subscription

Promo price/mo $17.95
*Annual Renewing Subscription

Promo price/mo $16.50
*Monthly Renewing Subscription
Promo price/mo $19.95

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  1. This looks great! I didn’t realize there were sub boxes for kids!

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