Peppa Pig Books: Peppa Pig and The Lucky Ducks

One of the newest Peppa Pig books is Peppa Pig and The Lucky Ducks. It is a children’s book for ages 2 to 5. It is published by Candlewick Press. This book is 32 pages long, a perfect length for young readers. peppa pig and the lucky ducks, peppa pig books, peppa pig books review

Peppa Pig Books : Summary of Peppa Pig and The Lucky Ducks

Peppa Pig and George count sunflowers, frogs, and other springtime delights from one to twenty.

Peppa and George would like to visit the ducks. They see one pond, but no ducks. Could the ducks be on an adventure? What lucky ducks! So Peppa and George go on an adventure, too. They jump in two muddy puddles, see three birds, and find four worms. But still no ducks—yet! As Peppa and George explore outside and count all the way to twenty, some visitors appear. How lucky they all are!

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There are many Peppa Pig books out there that one can enjoy. Peppa Pig and the Lucky Ducks is a great counting book for your little one to have fun with. While they are on a little adventure, they of course come across some muddy puddles, their favorite things. They are counting things as they go and find the Lucky Ducks. In the book, they count up to twenty. I feel this is an appropriate number for the age range, as my daughter has been able to count to twenty since she was two as well. She’s now four and can count to thirty. (We’re working on forty.)

While this Peppa Pig book, doesn’t really have a story line, there are other Peppa Pig books that do. However, I feel a counting book doesn’t really require a story line. The purpose is to learn the numbers. This helps a child to learn numbers, with a favorite character of theirs. I do love that you can now do some Peppa Pig activities with them during this book. You can have them find the objects we are counting and count them out loud, over and over. This helps repeat the order of numbers with your child.

This book includes a free Peppa Pig coloring page on the cover. You simply remove the paper cover (placed over a hard cover) and flip it over. One can now happily color Peppa Pig! I am including this book in my daughter’s Easter basket this holiday because it’s a wonderful, spring themed book!

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