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Sponsored by: was born when the founder and creator’s wife was looking for a planner to keep track of her studies.  She complained to him,   “There’s only boring planners out there!”  Having worked in the graphic design industry for 10 years and developing his own inventions in spare time, the challenge was too great to resist.  After teaming up with a few friends he was able to start the company can can fulfill wishes for awesome planners!
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Are you a list maker or do you just wing it? I know I personally need to write everything down. I have a horrible memory. I have a planner in my purse for family stuff. I am thinking about adding one for my blogging things.  
Are you a person that likes to have a planner in front of them?  Do you like to write things down?  Do you need to get more organized?  Enter the giveaway below!!!
The Giveaway:
How to Enter: Please use the Giveaway Tool below!
Prize: Voucher for any personalized planner on
Dates: Starts March 18, 2014 12:00 am EST.  Winner will be chosen April 1, 2014  11:59 pm EST.

**Special Note: Open worldwide!

Disclosure:  Sweet Cheeks and Savings teamed up with for this giveaway. Other participating bloggers are not responsible for choosing the winner or shipment of product. They have not receive any compensation for this post.
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  1. i use a paper planner so i can carry it with me at all times.

  2. Darlene Owen says:

    I have a calendar that I write everything on.

  3. Im def a paper planner.

  4. Hazel Pagulayan says:

    Though there’s a lot of gadget out there I still rely on a paper planner.

  5. Laarni Bucao says:

    As a busy Mom, this will help me alot!

  6. lynn buttedal says:

    Paper planner! I watch my grandchildren different days so this would keep them straight.

  7. I am a paper planner.

  8. no matter how convenient digital planners are, i enjoy WRITING in my paper planner!

  9. I have never gone to digital planners because writing stuff down helps me remember it, and I remember to look at it every day.

  10. Kim Miller says:

    I still believe in actually using paper to write things down.

  11. Kim Miller says:

    If I don’t write things down right away, 5 minutes later I forget what it was! I use to carry a planner but it just got to the point at the end of the year I forgot to buy a new one. Guess I should have wrote it down! Duh!! 🙂

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