Pilot pens via Shoplet review

Pilot pens is my favorite brand of pens. You can get a wide variety of them from shoplet.com.

Pilot Pens

Shoplet is your own stop shop for all of home office or business office supplies. I have an obsession with office supplies, I always have. Now that I’m a blogger I use them all the time to stay organized with my work.

Shoplet sells more than just office supplies. You can also buy the following: medical supplies, and cleaning supplies.

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Why I love Shoplet and Pilot pens.

Like I mentioned, I love office supplies. I especially love pens. I’ve been known to “borrow” pens I love and “forget” to give them back. (I’m sorry if I ever “borrowed your pen).

Pilot is one of the brands I have always loved. I hold my writing utensils in a weird way so I am picky how they feel in my hand. I have arthritis so I don’t like pens that are too heavy either.

For this review I received the following Pilot brand pens for review:

Pilot Acroball Colors Ballpoint pen

Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen

Acroball Pro Hybrid Ink Ballpoint Pens

Dr. Grip Frosted Collection

The Acroball Colors and Pro Hyrbrid Ink pens are in different colors. The barrel dictates the color of the ink. They are comfortable in my hand and easy to write with. The ink writes like a gel pen but it’s really a ballpoint pen so that’s fun and unique.

Personally for me my Pilot Acroball ballpoint pens didn’t write so well. They kind of skipped a lot. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or not. They were slim and comfortable in my hand though.

Dr. Grip Frosted pen was my all time favorite. It’s a ball point pen in a purple barrel (my favorite color is purple). It writes smooth and is a bit heavier than I prefer in a pen. This is probably a personal preference because like I mentioned above I hold my pen weird.

Over all I was very pleased with these pens and excited to have them in my large stock pile of pens. I get tired of using the same pens so I change them from time to time. These will definitely be put into the rotation.

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