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The Islands


The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has a new exhibit The Islands. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of it.

The exhibit will house 5 different species; Philippine crocodile, Galapago tortoises,  Visayan Warty pigs & clouded Leopards.  In a few weeks they will add Siamangs.

The exhibit is 22,000 square feet. They offer an immersive island atmosphere with cascading waterfalls, ponds, and the unique sounds of endangered animals.

Philippine Crocodile

The day I visited he was shy and was not in the mood for pictures.  

This is the most endangered reptile. The zoo works closely with the Mabuwaya Foundation to save the vanishing reptiles.

Galepago Tortoises

Turtle collage

These tortoises are currently 40 years old.  They are herbivores. What I find amazing is they can survive without food or water for a year. They are so heavy it takes 4 zoo handlers to carry them. 

 Visayn Warty Pigs

pigs collage

The Visayn Warty Pigs have short legs, a barrel like shaped body with long noses and large tusks. The tusks are actually upturned teeth.  Their most unusual feature is the Mohawk hairstyle.

There used to be 6 Visayan Islands in the Philippines.  They have lost 95% of their population being extinct on all but 2 islands. 

Wild pigs can smell food up to 10 inches underground.  Wild pigs cannot sweat, so they roll in mud to cool off.

Clouded Leopards

clouded leopards

These leopards have 16 foot tall jungle gyms to play & climb on.  They are often hunted for their beautiful coats.  Each leopard has a unique fur pattern.  They came from the Denver zoo.

The females eat 1 pound daily while the males eat 2 pounds a day.

If you are from Pittsburgh or ever visit, I highly recommend visiting the zoo. You can see something new and amazing no matter how often you go.

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