Powermat : A Wireless Charging Solution

Powermat is a great solution to wireless charging on the go! You can walk into any Starbucks, connect a ring to your mobile devices, put it on the Powermat and sit to relax!

Powermat is a free app you download, so that this whole wireless charging system works! You can happily sit and enjoy your Starbucks while your phone charges for Free! Now wires, no cords, just the ring and the pads. This works on Apple and Android products, as there’s two different rings to choose from within Starbucks. powermatThis is my iPhone charging with Powermat!

Now, in some cases you may need to buy a ring for your mobile devices, especially if you have an iPhone 4. With Starbucks being a popular place to be, it still may be a good idea to have your own. They could always be out of the Powermat Rings. The app informs you of low battery, and nearby places where you can find a Powermat to charge on.

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Besides Starbucks, you can find Powermat wireless charging at Universities across the country (let’s face it college students NEED their phones charged constantly). There’s also a couple of McDonalds in New York and a few stores here and there. Powermat is still growing and trying to get to a location near you, country-wide. They’re looking to be there for you, no matter where you are! Apparently there’s around 20 Starbucks near me, so I see that as successful in my eyes already. Besides, now you have yet another excuse to buy that Caramel Macchiato!

I highly recommend stepping into a Starbucks near you, grabbing a ring and checking out the Powermat app. I believe you will find it works very well. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to buy a ring, as some locations may be busier than others. Be on a watch out for Powermat locations to be closer to you. I imagine they will be catching on very fast!

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