My Princesses Learn to Share

My Princesses Learn to Share is written by Amie Carlson and illustrated by Heather Heyworth. It is 24 pages long and for ages 2 to 7. It’s the perfect length for young readers! my princesses learn to shareSummary of My Princesses Learn to Share –

Little girls love princesses—complete with tiaras, gowns, and all things sparkly. This new, affordable picture book series captures the love of princesses and adds a biblical lesson, teaching girls they are daughters of the King and encouraging them to live as God would have them live. The full-color art features the adorable, multicultural princess characters created by Heather Heyworth.

Each story begins with a special rhyme about being a princess and includes a Bible lesson—sure to provide many hours of reading fun for young princesses!

In My Princesses Learn to Share, Princess Grace and Princess Hope want to wear the same pink dress when they play dress-up. They end up ripping the dress, but Mom has a story to help them learn to share. She tells them the story of Jesus and the young boy who shared his lunch. The girls get the picture, Mom mends the dress, and they learn to share.

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My Princesses Learn to Share is a great children’s morals book. It includes God and Jesus in the story to help children better understand sharing. In the story the girls rip a dress, because “Princess” Hope wants the pink one. The mom talks about Jesus and a young boy sharing his lunch, pointing out that Jesus could have made a lunch either way. However, the little boy wouldn’t have been a part of the miracle. Sometimes, doing something small, can be something really big.

Hope goes on to say she wanted to be the prettiest princess. The mother tells her that beauty comes from within. A real princess would have a good heart by sharing. The mom mends the dress and gives it back to Hope. This allows Hope to do the right thing by herself. The book ends with a Bible Verse: “Don’t forget to do good and to share.”

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