Product Review: Baby Banana & Sweepstakes Ends 9/22

teething   I recently was able to review this Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush. This item is designed for an infant. They carry toddler items as well. Not only is this little teething item cute, it’s very practical. We all know when a baby is teething they will chew on anything and everything they can get their hands on. There is a brush at the end so it’s also brushing their gums.  Sometimes we forget about brushing a baby’s gums before they have teeth. It’s important to always brush the gums for a healthy mouth.  I love that the teething brush is small and compact. It will fit in a purse, diaper bag or pocket very easily. It can also be used with a pacifier strap. How convenient is that?  bendable   This item is very bendable so that it can reach even the very back of the gums where molars come in.  I wish I had this when my daughter was younger and teething.

The tester for this was my friend’s little girl. The baby loved this teething brush. She is currently 6 months old.  Emily was fussy and I gave her the banana brush. She started to chew on it and you could tell right away it was soothing her poor sensitive gums. She was back to cooing, smiling, and drooling in no time. The brush is dishwasher safe and can be put in the freezer for extra comfort on those raw sore painful little gums. 

This product retails $8.49 so it is definitely affordable and easy to replace if you should happen to lose it.  Baby Banana Brushes are made of the highest quality medical grade silicone. They are made using a dual injection molding process, which bonds all of the silicone into one extremely durable product. Baby Banana Brushes are 100% silicone–they have no hard parts, so they are safer for baby! 

Visit their website to see the other great products they sell. They are also on Facebook Enter below for your own Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great review. This looks like it will help kids want to brush there teeth.

  2. I’ll have to pass the word along to my sister since her daughter hates having a tooth brush in her mouth at this point.

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