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I recently had the opportunity to review a stair light from Mr. Beams.


UseMy house is over 100 yrs old. There are no electrical outlets on the wall for the steps. The steps get very dark. I’ve almost tripped down them numerous times. I was excited to receive this light.  

This light runs off of 3 C cell batteries. It comes with screws so you can attach it to the wall permanently, or you can attach it with the enclosed double sided adhesive. That is how I attached it to the wall. 

The light is a motion detector. I love having the confidence walking down the steps that I will not trip. The motion detector part is a bit sensitive though. When we walk in the hallway besides the steps the light comes on. However that is helpful because the hallway now has light in the dark as well. 

Here is some information about the stair light:

Mr Beams™ multipurpose LED Battery-Powered Step & Stair Lights with motion and light sensors. Excellent for lighting stairways, decks, sheds, garages and storage containers. Weatherproof seal for indoor and outdoor use.

The light retails $24.99 and comes in white or black. Mr. Beams sells a other lighting products as well. Click here to see all the products they sell. 

Here is some information about the company:

Our Mr. Beams™ line of energy efficient, wireless LED light fixtures launched in 2008 to offer indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions where you need them most. Our motion-sensor activated battery-operated LED lights provide convenient and affordable hands-free lighting anywhere, without an electrician.

Several of our Mr. Beams™ and ReadyBright™ products are covered by our patents. Our patented advanced technology grid shifting solutions address emergency lighting and energy management in lighting with embedded intelligence and energy storage.

ReadyBright™ was developed to offer families an affordable, portable lighting system for the home during a power outage. This award-winning power failure lighting system runs on batteries, installs in minutes, and instantly provides hours of bright clear light throughout your home in the event of a power outage. ReadyBright is also popular in buildings and offices to supplement existing commercial emergency lighting systems.

I wish I had a few more of these to light the steps the whole way down. I will definitely be looking to purchase more. 

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