Product Review: Butter London Nail Lacquer

I have a small nail polish addiction. I only have around 10 bottles or so. I’d love more though. I was excited to have the chance to review Butter London Nail Lacquer.

I received 2 colors to try. The Primrose Hill Picnic (a pink shade) and the Keks (a blue shade)

Sorry it’s not the best photo.

Here is what I loved about this product:

* The bottle is designed in a way to make storage easier since the bottles are kind of square in shape.

* The square lid pops off to reveal the normal screw on cap with brush attached so applying is easier.

*The colors are rich and vibrant.

*Quick Drying.

Here is what I did NOT like:

*They don’t seem to stay on my nails for long. Even with a top coat they only lasted a day or 2. Especially the Keks. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch or if it’s my nails. I always thought lacquer would stay longer than normal nail polish.

*The Primrose Hill Picnic lasted a little bit longer than the Keks color did.

*I do have to say the Primrose Hill Picnic color lasted on my step daughter’s fingers to a point. A week later the color is only in the center of her nails. I do not know how long it stayed until it started to chip since we only have her on weekends.

Here are some pictures of our nails painted with the lacquer.


Over all I would give this product a:



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