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I’m sure you have heard about prepaid debit cards before. The cards while functional, are pretty standard. You don’t have many designs to pick from.  With you can pick from hundreds of designs. You can pick one for a special occasion if it’s a gift, or you can pick one that suits your personality. This is a re loadable card, so there are some fees involved if you want to use it more than once. If you have any questions about what those fees are. You can find the answers on their FAQ page. 

For my review, I chose the Happy Bunny design. I had a hard time choosing a design since there are so many great ones to choose from. The card was easy to use for my purchases. You just use it at the store like you would any other debit/credit card. You have to remember though to choose credit when paying even though the card says debit.

I feel this is perfect for teens and college students. Parents are always asking for more allowance while parents are trying to teach them responsibility. College students are always calling home asking for more money. This way parents can just log online and add more money to the card when it’s convenient for them, not the child. 

There are 5 different ways you can reload your card. Direct Depost, MoneyPak, Western Union, Paypal, and Bank.  You can visit this link to find out more about each option. 

Some of the great features of using a prepaid visa card from are:

There is no credit check

You can use it everywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted

No check cashing fees

No overdraft fees or late fees

Can use it at all ATMs worldwide

You can sign up and start using your card in 3 easy steps.

1. Sign up and pick the design you’d like.

2. Save Securely and sign up with which payment method you would like to use to load the card.

3. Spend your card and show off your great design of the card.

With my experience working with this company, I give them a 5. 

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