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I can’t keep fruit in my house. My mother in law and my husband both eat fruit like it’s going out of style. My step daughter will even ask for fruit over any other kind of snack. So of course I was excited to do be able to do a review for Crunch Pak. 

What is the number 1 excuse people try to use about not eating healthy? They say “I know I should eat healthier but I don’t have time. It’s just easier to great (insert unhealthy snack)”. You no longer have to worry about that. Crunch Pak has taken care of that for you. What is more convenient than prepacked containers of fruit? 

Crunch Pak sells a variety of different types of apple slices. They also have 2 lines geared toward children: Foodles and Disney Flavorz

For this review I reviewed all 3 varieties of the Disney Flavorz. 



Children do not always love fruit and you need creative ideas to get them to eat it. With the Disney Flavorz that is done for you. My family is use to eating plain apples so trying these ones were interesting at first. While they are flavored, it’s not an over powering. The apples are still healthy since they are flavored with natural ingredients. I love that they are individually wrapped and in a snap lid plastic container.

What I loved about the packaging is, you can reuse it. As a parent we all cringe when a much loved toy comes with many small parts, Legos come to mind instantly. You can use the plastic packaging to store the small parts.  I feel since the packaging has a character children like, they would be more apt to remember to put their toys away.

I will definitely try other varieties of apple slices from this company. I think the apple and caramel dippers would taste amazing.  I need to eat small frequent meals. I also tend to get hungry when I’m out running errands. I can throw a pack of these apples into my purse before I leave the house and have a healthy snack when I feel hungry.

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