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I was excited to review the Foldi LED lamp from the Daylight Company. I reviewed one in black, it also comes in white.


One of the hobbies I enjoy is scrapbooking.  My scrapbook stuff is in the corner of a room with no windows. The only light is a hanging light in the ceiling and it’s behind my chair. I have always needed a lamp of some sort to be able to see well enough to work on my crafts.

I’ve tried other brands of lights and they are expensive and the lightbulbs are expensive as well. I love that there are 3 ways to power the Foldi lamp. You can either use 3 AA batteries for up to 8 hours of light, USB from your computer (it comes with a usb cord), or purchase an A/C adapter to plug it in. 

I tried it out to scrapbook the other day. I chose to power it with batteries. I love this option and I think I will always use batteries. I loved having the ability to move the lamp exactly where I needed light. You can’t do that with a traditional lamp. 

I love the slim sleek design as well. It even comes with a cloth carrying case to protect the lamp. That will come in handy when I’m packing for a scrapbooking crop. 

The foldi lamp retails $99.99. What makes this lamp unique is that there are 30 LED lights. The great thing about LED lights are they never need replaced. It is bright and gave me just enough light to see my project. I have sensitivity to light, this lamp did not give me a headache at all.  

Here are some specifications of the lamp:

  • Width: 7.5cm (3 inches)
  • Height: 23.3cm (9 inches)
  • Depth: 3.3cm (1½ inches)
  • Weight: 0.5kg (1 lbs)
  • Light: 30 Daylight LEDs

The Daylight Company sells many different lamps. I love their website design. They have listed with drop down tabs for Art, Craft, Needlework & Quilting, Health & Beauty, Inspection, and Healthy Vision. They also have a few clearance items. The next time you are in the need of a light for something, I suggest going to their site first.

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