Product Review: Diamond Candles & Sweepstakes Ends 9/24

CandleRecently I was given the opportunity to review a soy candle from Diamond Candles. I feel soy candles burn cleaner and more evenly than wax candles. The fragrance I picked was Apple Slice. This scent has a nice clean apple smell. My husband even said this candle was not a girly scent. I have a problem with products that have a very strong fragrance, they trigger migraines. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this candle smells. The scent is enough to make the room smell good but not be over powering.

When burning this candle I noticed there was no black carbon soot anywhere on the candle or the glass. The air around the candle was still very clean, and easy to breathe. 

What makes this candle unique the most though is that every candle has a ring inside. How fun is that? I was anxious to get to my ring. The ring inside ranges from $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000.  

It is very easy to retrieve your ring from your candle when you let it burn down enough. You just simply:

1. Blow out your candle

2. Remove foil pouch with tweezers

3. Peel away foil to uncover your ring.

4. Congratulations on your beautiful ring!


The ring I received in my candle is a beautiful purple stone with a silver band. I think it would be safe to assume the ring is a size 8 since it fits great on my middle finger but a tad too big for my ring finger. The band is silver. Ironically, purple is my favorite color. I am very pleased with this ring.  Although the ring is not one of the more expensive you can receive in your candle, it is not poorly crafted. This ring is very comfortable to wear. Personally I have problems with jewelry in general being uncomfortable to wear because of my medical problems. I forget I’m even wearing this ring. 

My sister is a candle lover. I am thinking about purchasing one for her this holiday season. It would make for a great gift and make any room smell wonderful.

Visit their website and find the best fragrance for you. Enter below for your chance to win your own. 

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  1. I have always wanted one of these! I hope I win~!~!~

  2. I love the smell of apple…i want to try these candles 🙂

  3. I am getting the watermelon one! I can’t wait to try mine!!! The apple looks tempting too!

  4. Gilbert Pulido says:

    Hope i can win this for my beautiful i’m wife.

  5. i have several DCs and loved all the rings. I iwsh we could choose the size you get though sincei have big fingers I have had to swap on the diamond candle swap pages

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