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I recently had the opportunity to review exploding targets from Kick Ass Targets. My husband is an avid fire arm lover so I knew he’d love these. We took them to a friend’s house so the men could play. You know boys and their toys.


This was a 10 pack kit. In the kit you get everything you need to make 10 exploding targets. You get: 10 hinge capped targets, 2 different powders you mix together, a plastic spoon for filling targets, plastic mixing bag, and plastic gloves and double sided sticker squares to attach to the target. Trust me, you will want to use the gloves that are included. The black powder gets everywhere.

These targets when they go off…well let’s just say they live up to their name. They are kick ass! The boom is loud and will shock you at first. You don’t expect it to be that loud. It was so loud we thought all 10 went off at once. We were impressed and shocked that it was only 1 that went off.

We attached the targets to an old wooden table we did not mind if it got damaged. My husband shot a target at 100 feet away like the directions say. For your safety, please follow the directions exactly on these. They are highly explosive and you could get seriously hurt by being negligent. The percussion and smoke were massive. Like I said, we thought that all of them went off. Turns out that the one that went off, just simply knocked the others off the table.

Kick ass targets sells more than just these targets. Check out their website to see what else they have to offer. This set retails $20. That’s a lot of “bang” for your buck! 

Here are some warnings about these targets for your safety:

1. Carefuly read included instructions before using.

2. Keep away from children!

3. Be at least 300ft away from the targets when you shoot them.

4. Always wear eye and ear protection.

5. These can start fires! Keep away from anything flammable including dry vegitation.

6. Do NOT store or transport mixed targets.

7. Anything the targets are in, on or near when they detonate can become high velocity projectiles that cause property damage, injury or death.

8. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Otherwise the targets may not detonate.

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