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I had the amazing and yummy opportunity to review brownies from The Mary Jane Brownie Company. I am a self proclaimed chocolate fanatic. Here is information about the company:

About Us

Welcome to The Mary Jane Brownie Company ~ craft bakers of gourmet, cocoa brownies! Named after our mom, The Mary Jane Brownie Company, was conceived about five years ago on a memorable holiday evening. Some time has passed but we never forgot that night so after fine tuning some recipes (and saving start-up money), The Mary Jane Brownie Company began.  

As a business, we are dedicated to bringing a lot of laughter and a little nostalgia to our customers by providing the ultimate grown-up chocolate experience. We bake our brownies in small batches using only premium cocoa and the best organic, natural or local ingredients we can find. Our unique flavor combinations are created to tantalize your taste-buds and put a smile on your face. In addition to using high quality ingredients, we try to support local economies as much as possible so we source our ingredients from businesses within the US. Thanks so much for stopping to visit us. 

Keep checking back to see the new flavors coming down the road or feel free to sign up for our e-newsletter and we’ll drop you a note to keep you informed. Many thanks! The Mary Jane Brownie Company ~ a.k.a. Mary Jane

The Mary Jane Story

Meet Mary Jane, the personality behind the grooviest brownies this side of Haight-Ashbury. She bakes with you in mind, carefully anticipating what will make you shout, “This brownie is all mine. Get your own!” In the ’60s, when her free-spirited friends seemed to always have the munchies, Mary Jane satisfied their cravings with her homemade sweet treats. 

Her cookies and pies, cakes and tarts blew their minds, but it was her gooey, cocoa brownies that kept her free-loving friends coming back for more. So she became skillful at enhancing her chocolate delights with far out flavors, like peanut butter, caramel, coconut, almonds and chunks of dark chocolate. Today, Mary Jane uses her knack for turning out the grooviest brownies, just for you. 

They’re a sustainable treat – ingredients are organic and locally produced. So light your lava lamp, slip on your tie-dyes and turn back the clock. It is time for you to experience Mary Jane’s brownies.

My Review:
I received a 6 count brownie sampler box. This box included the following flavors:
  • Mary Jane’s Pure Cocoa – our signature brownie
  • Caramel Sea Salt Gold
  • Twisted Peanut Butter
  • Wowie Coconut Almond
  • Urban Bourbon Caramel Pecan
  • Super Funk Chocolate Chunk

I shared these with my family. We all loved them, actually they asked if I had more. These were so good. They have a rich chocolate taste and melt in your mouth. Each brownie was individually wrapped to ensure freshness. 

You can actually taste all of the aspects of the brownie. For example with the Twisted Peanut Butter one you can taste not only the chocolate brownie but the Peanut Butter as well. I highly recommend these brownies to everyone. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a half dozen of their regular size brownies. 
  I give it a rating of:




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  1. Damnit. Now I want brownies. Like now. I have a love/hate relationship with your blog because I enjoy myself here but I always leaving wanting something…a book…and now a brownie… 😛

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