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Have you heard of Pleygo yet? Let me tell you about this amazing website/program. We’ve all heard of Netflix for movies. Pleygo is the same concept only for Lego’s. How awesome is that? How many times have we bought Lego sets for our kids only to see them not played with? This is a great way to try out a set before you purchase it.

While it is free to register you had to pay for a subscription. There are 3 different membership plans:

Fan: It’s $15 a month. This is for the smaller to medium sets. Usually the sets are up 2500 pieces.

Super Fan: It’s $25 a month. This is for the larger sets up to 500 pieces.

Mega Fan: It’s $39 a month. This level is for the ultimate Lego lover.  This level lets you play with all the sets up to 5400 pieces.

It was very easy to set up my wish list and received my first set very quickly.  The first set I received is Glove World. It’s a Spongebob Square Pants themed kit. My step daughter is obsessed with Spongebob.



The Lego set is packaged in a way to minimize shipping cost. It comes with a postage paid return address label. The set itself is in a large plastic bag and comes with the instruction booklet. 

My step daughter was thrilled with this set. She loved finding all the pieces to make 3 of the main characters from the cartoon. Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy the Squirrel.



I was surprised at how the Lego pieces looked just like the cartoon. I plan to use this service to see which sets she really plays with before we purchase them. 

I was pleasantly surprised that Pleygo offers sets that are gender neutral but also some of the girl sets that are new on the market. I highly recommend this service to everyone with a Lego lover in their life.

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  1. My whole house loves Sponge Bob! I think Squidward would’ve been a bit better than Sandy but shes still important. I like the idea of Pleygo, will have to check into them! Thanks!

  2. OMG, I will have to show Aiden this and see if he’s interested in it. He loves Lego’s and Spongebob too.

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