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I received the following item(s) for in exchange for a fair and honest review. Although I received the item for review, the opinions stated are 100% my own.


Everyone has heard of sodastream I’m sure. I was very excited when I got to review one. We go through a lot of soda (or pop depending on your region) in my house. I thought this would save money in the long run.


For my review I received the soda jet and over 9 bottles of flavoring.  It is very easy to use this machine.  The machine will make 1 liter of soda at a time. This is great if you have family members that like different flavors. 

What I love about the sodastream is that it does not require electricity to work. You can also help the environment since you no longer need to buy cans or bottles of soda. You also don’t have to lug those heavy containers around as well. One bottle of flavoring makes the equivalent of 33 cans of soda! What a savings. 

There are a ton of different syrups to buy, they taste just like the name brand. There are also some name brand syrups you can buy. You can put as much or as little carbonation you want in the bottle. Sometimes carbonation can upset your stomach. 

The directions on using this product is very easy after you insert the CO2 canister.

1. Insert 1 liter bottle into the machine with chilled water. 

2. Press the carbonation button 3 times.

3. Pour in flavoring.

4. Gently shake

5. Enjoy 

You can buy the sodastream online or at many local retailers. To see the list of stores click HERE.

Do you already have a soda stream? If so, please feel free to leave a comment of what is your favorite flavoring.

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  1. I didn’t realize that you could get name brand syrups for the soda stream. I also didn’t know how much it made at a time. Thanks for this thorough review!

  2. To be fair, you need to post negative reviews, as well!
    Although we do love our Sodastream, there are many flavors that either do not taste like the originals, or just taste bad!
    Our favorite flavors are the cola, root beer and orange flavors, but we definitely do not like the Energy, Grapefruit and Cranberry flavored mixes.
    Also, they need to have sample sizes for ALL their flavors, as it is a waste of money to buy the large sizes and find that you do not like them!

  3. It is now over a year since we bought our SodaStream and I’m rwesdy to make some more comments!
    1. My original comments still stand!
    2. My favorite flavor is Dr. Pete. You need to experiment with the amount of syrup that you add. Start with slightly less than a capful.
    Then increase to a full capful. Then try a full capful plus about 1/16th of an inch more, depending upon your sweet tooth!
    3. Always add filtered water to a “smidgen” over the fill mark.
    This ensures that the CO2 spigot is under the liquid.
    4. Carbonate to taste, i.e., 1 1/2 “burps” for light carbonation, 2 “burps” for medium and 3 to 4 burps for extra carbonation.
    5. Make sure cap is on correctly and tight, then gently rock two or three times.
    6. Place in refrigerator at around 40 degrees and leave overnight.
    7. Place bottle in sink and open top, SLOWLY (to prevent splatter).
    8. Tilt bottle about 10 degrees while SLOWLY pouring syrup.
    Pour a little, then pause, then continue until all syrup is in bottle.
    9. Recap the bottle, place back in refrigerator for a few hours.
    10. ENJOY!

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