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I recently had the great opportunity to review the game Tapple from USAopoly. I’m not sure about your family, but mine loves to play all kinds of board games. We are always in the market for a new and exciting game to play together.

About USAopoly

USAopoly began in 1994 with a great idea for a hometown spin on the classic MONOPOLY game. After securing permission from Hasbro to license the world famous property trading game from Parker Brothers, the San Diego edition of the MONOPOLY game was born, and so was USAopoly, Inc.



This game is fun and easy to play. You have a set of category cards, you pick a card say what the category is and press the timer. The players take turns coming up with different words that fit that category. The time is set for 10 seconds. When you have a word you press the letter button down the word starts with and reset the timer. You can only use a letter once per game. The category cards have a blue/white side and an red/yellow side. The blue/white side has easier words. On top of the game there is a lever to release the letters to play again. 

I think game is great for all ages. The packaging says ages 8 and up.  It runs on 2 AA batteries and retails $19.95. I love that the compact. The cards fit in the bottom of the game, so storage is a lot easier.  

Some games on the market have a lot of pieces and are more complex to play. I think this is a great game to play with family and friends. I also feel this is a great game grandparents can play with their grandkids. The game is simple to play yet a lot of fun. 

My husband and I had fun playing this game. We were laughing and giggling the whole time coming up with different answers.  With this game, you don’t have to sit around a table to play. You can play it anywhere. We personally played it while lounging in bed. 

Here is a fun fact: Tapple is based on the original German word game “Pim Pam Pet”, popular in Europe for almost 100 years.



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