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Wizard Wall is an amazing product that I recently was given the opportunity to review. We all love dry ease boards but can not always find one in the size we like. This product comes in a long roll similar to aluminum foil. You can cut off the size you want. 

Dry ease


I put a piece of the dry ease on the back of my bedroom door with a message for my husband. There is no adhesive, the special material simply clings to the surface you are putting it on. 

What I love about Wizard Wall is that you can use permanent marker on it if you want to keep the creation you draw. It can be rolled up to keep. 

The special ClingZ material can be adhered to glass, drywall, metal, plastic, wood, brick and marble. 

I feel this would be a great product for the home, office, or for a school. They also sell an easel pad.

Here are some Do’s/Don’ts and frequently asked questions:

Wizard Wall Dos and Don’ts

  • Do choose a clean indoor surface to cling the Wizard Wall® film.
  • Do erase towards the middle of the film to keep walls clean.
  • Do write with permanent marker if you intend to roll up and save your work—dry erase marker will smudge when rolled up.
  • Do put layers upon layers of Wizard Wall® on top of each other to minimize the use of wall space.
  • Do cut and customize Wizard Wall® films to create a tile effect.
  • Do limit use of liquid dry erase board cleaners, since moisture reduces cling ability.
  • Don’t fold or crease the Wizard Wall® film if you want to reposition or reuse it.

 How long will my Wizard Wall last?

Wizard Wall® can be removed and repositioned from one wall to another several times and typically lasts four to six months, sometimes longer depending on where you hang it. The smoother the surface, the longer it will cling.

Can I use any type of cleaning spray to clean Wizard Wall film?

No, the best way to erase what you’ve written is to use a dry erase eraser or other liquid dry erase board cleaners. Limit the amount of liquid cleaner you use, as moisture will reduce the static charge on the Wizard Wall film.

What type of marker should I use to write on my Wizard Wall?

Both permanent marker and dry erase marker are ideal for writing on Wizard Wall®. If you plan on rolling up and saving your work use permanent markers to keep from smudging.

 Here is a video of Wizard Wall.

Please visit their website and facebook page. 

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  1. This is really cool! So easy and convenient to use! Great for my kiddos home schooling!

  2. That is so COOL!!!!

  3. My son would love to have that for his writing! It would be great for him to practice his homework problems.

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