A pulse oximeter is a must have if you have respiratory issues.

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The Vive Health pulse oximeter is a great handy device to have on hand. It measures oxygen saturation in an individual’s blood and also checks your pulse.

Pulse Oximeter

About Vive Health:

They protect their products for a minimum of 60 days (many are covered for life) and keep their attentive customer service team standing by.  The medical industry is not known for style, but they are turning that around by combining essential functions and modern branding.  Their products are designed in house, giving you direct access to your health and medical supplies. Their warehouses are located throughout the United States to ensure a timely delivery on every order. They are based in sunny Naples, Florida.

I feel a pulse oximeter is a handy medical tool.

Although I like the pulse oximeter it is NOT to be used instead of seeking medical advice!

The Vive Precision pulse oximeter is a lightweight, portable device used for measuring both pulse rate and SpO2 level. Simply place your finger inside the antimicrobial vinyl sensor and have these vital measurements instantly displayed on a vibrant LCD screen. Features a battery-saving automatic power off function and an irregular heartbeat alarm notification. Intended for sports and/or aviation use only, not for medical use. Protected by a two-year warranty.

My husband and I both of different respiratory issues. When my husband coughs, his face gets beat red and I worry about him losing air in his lungs. With this pulse oximeter I can check it and his pulse rate. At the same time, I can use it to make sure I’m getting air when I get an asthma attack.

I love that everything you need is in the box: pulse oximeter, carrying case, strap and even batteries! This is small enough to keep in your purse/bag, or pocket (for the men). It’s great to take with you no matter were you go.

The fact that it tracks both oxygen levels and pulse makes it a great tool for working out as well. You can check/monitor your pulse level at different stages of your work out.

This is a great tool to have on hand for every household.

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