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Gina’s Library’s Comments: I love all the cute costumes they have for kids. I love to see the little kids dressed up. Here are my favorite ones from their toddler and kid lines. 





It brings a smile to my face when I think of the children’s anticipation the days running up to Halloween. We all love to follow tradition and dress up at this time of year; but for them, it’s really something else when they can imitate their favorite characters for the day. With so many new licensed costumes coming out every year, there is always enough choice for you and your children to make this Halloween as fun and memorable as the last.
Many of the costume ideas this year are getting their inspiration from the leading movies such as Harry Potter and Transformers. To stay with the current trends, look at the following suggestions that will have your little ones screaming with joy (or rather fear!)
As mentioned previously, this year’s release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has given us a huge array of costumes. Full of wizardry, magic, and fantasy, there is something for every taste. Harry Potter himself will no doubt be at the forefront with his robe embroidered with the Gryffindor emblem, Windsor-style glasses and magic wand. The range of accessories are just as great as the costume itself – Hermione Granger wigs, Quid ditch accessories, and not forgetting our feathery friend Hedwig the owl.
If Harry Potter doesn’t tickle their fancy, what about Bumblebee? Let your child ‘transform’ into this small yellow robot, the favorite character for the young, with his wisecracks and risk taking. Typically coming in the form of a yellow jumpsuit with chest piece, a toy arm weapon, and realistic mask, your child will be focus of all their friends!
For the girls, a popular choice is the Monster’s Bride costumes. Something old, something mean, something borrowed, something green! Costumes are characterized with a white dress, black stitching and patches, a black lace-up bodice and green top hat.
Don’t let all the fun of choosing adorable outfits allow you to forget one of the most important aspects of Halloween – safety. Always keep in mind the safety of your child especially when choosing costumes that could be hazardous. The last thing you want is any real-life horror, so stick to costumes that are fire-resistant and quick to remove. If your child is venturing out to ‘trick or treat’, make sure their clothing can be seen in the dark. Your child wants to turn heads just as you do, but they need to be comfortable and if their ensemble requires a mask, fitting it properly so that they can see through it is a must.
It might be good practice to speak with your children before the night gets under way. With so many candles and torches around, it’s best to be safe. Costumes should never be made from paper or highly flammable materials. Polyester is a more sensible option and that goes for any hats and wigs too. Remind them of the dangers of fire, what to do if their clothing catches on flame, and what precautions to take.
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